Sunday, 1 February 2015

Happy Birthday Harry !

I slept all throughout Harrys' birthday party it appears... My timezone doesn't really support my excessive social media stalking of 1D and Larry.

It appears that the rumor that Harry was going to Arizona was indeed false, which i also thought before. He threw a party in LA, where loads of people (INCLUDING LOUIS) attended, according to this (and other) update account(s):

..So apparently all Harrys friends are insanely famous. (and i bet Louis is fangirling like crazy over beckham if he's actually there, hahahah!!)
This particular update account also provided pictures, so i find it somewhat reliable:
 Jeff Leaving the party.

 Rita Ora Leaving the party.
Harry, Alexa Chung and ???

There's no pictures of Louis from the party, but allegedly Louis and Liam (and andy) were both there. A fan took this picture of Louis before the party in LA:
Which confirms that he's in LA, which some people apparently thought he might not be, because Eleanor went to the uk (lol).
Both Niall and Zayn were in the uk (and zayn tweeted multiple times without wishing H a happy bday??).

Something a bit weird happened yesterday too, as Nadine chose to unfollow Harry on instagram. I'm thinking she might be as tired of the dating rumors as we are and are trying to tell the fandom(and press) that they're not together. I don't know, but it must be intentional on her part, because she probably wouldn't just unfollow a friend without a reason:
...So that's that. There isn't any reports of her being at the party either, which i found a bit weird. I thought that they maybe were going to keep the winter-girlfriend rumor going, just until OTRA starts, but it seem unlikely with her skipping his birthday party after the rumors of their "romantic" birthday plans. Hmm.
Remember  that we can't be sure of much when there's no pictures, even though a lot of people are saying the same thing.

I don't think much more went on. asides from harry turning 21. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!

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