Sunday, 15 February 2015

Worlds most predictable Elounor sighting

AHAHA, remember how i stated yesterday that after all the Larry-stuff happening, we could expect Elounor pics to be released soon?
Well I got up this morning and it happened. This fandom is the most predictable place ever.
According to the Sun (of course, lololol) Louis took Eleanor to this place:

 Which... how nice of him..........
The picture is from the same day as the yacht-pics from when Lou, El, Liam, Sophia, Niall and friends were celebratng Sophias birthday. Funny how they appear 6 hours after the fandom goes into meltodown because "imgayitsprettyunfortunate". Whether or not that was actually what he said isn't relevant in terms of this photo release, because the the Elounor pictures is a reaction to the fandom's reaction and not to the actual video.
It's also relevant that Harry and Louis, along with the other boys were spotted and pictured (of course not together) at the same club on valentines day with Elounor nowhere in sight. Cue M!M damage control.

With everything that's happened The fandom is still in full action though:

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