Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Deleting tweets

.... Hmm. She didn't delete anything yet.
And she deleted this tweet again while i was sleeping.
But peculiar that she thinks/thought this is/was necessary. Maybe it's because everyone is going craycray looking through hers and daisy's tweets atm. She could have been told to delete them. Or she could just have had a random idea; she's 10.

There's been a few people suggesting that Daisy and Phoebe's accounts are being used as seeding, because they suddenly reappeared on twitter and started talking/ hinting stuff.
I'm not even convinced they would know anything about the whole situation, so I'm not quite sure about that. They might know the public narrative and nothing else- i doubt they'd know about Elounor being fake and Larry being real in any case.
They could be used as seeding either way though, taking everything else that's been going on seeding-wise into consideration. If they are, 1Ds PR and mngmnt really needs to change their priorities.
But it wouldn't be that surprising. I'm pretty sure they might both have done promo tweets yesterday, Daisy talking about both Nandos and CamWOW, Phoebe talking about some restaurant they went to visit as a family. Could be coincidence, could be promo. All i know is that they tweeted about the companies during the same 10 minutes.
We wont know, we can only theorize. But i feel happy that i got to take screenshots of the important tweets in case Phoebe actually decides to delete them... and in case they turn out to actually matter.

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