Sunday, 15 February 2015

Unfortunate Gay Articles

Newspapers have started to write about the vines from yesterday and the fandoms reaction. It's nice to see our perspective be aknowledged, but keep in mind this wont change  PR and managements desired narrative.
This article is rather ridiculous, as it suggests that Louis did in fact say "i'm gay" but also claims it was probably meant as a joke. Right. That is the most heteronormative bullshit i have ever heard: did you take it as a joke with the "in fact straight" tweet? No,  didn't think so.

Update accounts, whom by far is following M!M's narrative have even started to tweet stuff like "No matter Louis' sexual orientation, we love him" and "IF Louis did in fact say that, we support him".
The fact that even these accounts are stating their support, is important, but also could mean trouble because that means more damage control is needed.

The last time Louis was in the news because of something LGBT-related, we got the "in fact straight"-tweet, so this could actually be really bad. If there is too much focus on Louis' sexuality, M!M will respond, and they will most likely do it in a way that makes Louis look completely homophobic, as usual.
I am hoping, considering these last couple of months loosened grip on H&L, we wont see any homophobic damage control. We can probably expect some more bearding pics if the news gets wide spread, but i really sincerely hope that no offensive tweeting is necessary.
During the last few months, notably this year, we've seen some changes in terms of Larry-management, and i am praying that the iron grip has been loosened enough by now for this to go under the radar and just be ignored by M!M.

I'm kind of at the edge of my seat though, because this could really mean trouble for Louis.

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