Wednesday, 25 February 2015

READ THIS Article about PR, seeding, paps and astrosurfing

This article is important.
It explains in very simple terms how seeding PR, paparazzi and media in general works. It is a MUST READ.
I will no doubt update on this and compare the article to Harrys' and Louis' (and 1D's) situation when i have the time.
Here's some of the things the article says about seeding (*COUGHCOUGH*Kristen Stewart*COUGHCOUGH*):

Here's some of what it says about paparazzis and the media, which includes HARRY as an example, thank you very much author:

This article is GREAT.
Just.... the similarities between everything described in this article and everything 1Ds (and in particular Louis' and Harry's) fandom has been theorizing/ proving to be applicable to them is astonishing. Read it.

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