Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Liam, Louis and Harry in LA

Okay, so i've been thinking about this whole thing with Louis, Liam and Harry all being in LA and all the weird shit surrounding it. Warning: this might be a wall of text.

To recap: Liam and Sophia and Louis and Eleanor were all pictured at LAX. That day we also got pictures of Harry buying youghurt with Nadine.
Louis and Liam were pictured in the studio with various different people.
Then Louis was only pictured by fans again some 5 days later at a fancy dinner place 10 minutes away from Harrys b-day party. Harry was meanwhile photographed almost every day.
Liam was filmed running from fans at the birthday party,were Harry was obviously also pictured on multiple occations.
Louis and Liam were then both pictured shopping at a grocery store with alberto and paddy on sunday, which update accounts are claiming were for a bbq party they had for the super bowl.

This is what i have trouble understanding:
First of all, the whole photo-situation at the airport was shady AF. Secondly, it's absolutely typical (in a shady kind of way) that Harry is spotted with Nadine on the very same day Louis arrives.
According to update accounts and stalker fans, Louis and Liam then rented a house in LA for them + and Sophia and Eleanor. Eleanor was pictured at the house with her friend Meghan and Sophia. As far as i'm aware, Louis and Liam weren't pictured there.
Harry has a house in LA, so it's a little weird in itself that they had to rent a house... But i guess that's what rich people do.
The really weird thing is how Harry was in HQ pictures every single day since Lilo arrived and didn't appear to meet up with them at any time.
Except for Julian's instagram post from the studio, which featured both Harry's and Louis' feet. It suggested that they did indeed meet up to possibly write, but no other photos of the two of them surfaced, even though Lots of photos of Liam and Louis in the studio appeared.

No photos of Eleanor and Louis appeared, and Eleanor "accidentally" told the world she was in the UK (more specifically: in louis' house) again by turning on locations on twitter.
Then came the birthday party, where it has been pretty much established due to multiple witnesses that Louis attended. But he wasn't pictured.
Then there was the thing with the Lilo bbq party, where they apparently decided to have a party the day after Harrys party, which they both went to, and then didn't invite Harry, who was pictured elsewhere. I really think the bbq-thing is speculation, as no pictures have been leaked and no one has said they went to a party.

In conclusion, there were no stories in the press about Harry and Louis meeting up, no confirmation that L was even at the b-day party and no official reports of them being together. We can somewhat confirm from fan reports and Julians picture that they were in fact together, but we can also agree that the overwhelming narrative in the media was that they didn't meet up (and that H btw spent time with his "new gf" instead).
If they didn't meet up and there were no pictures it would be weird, but the fact that they did meet up and there still isn't any pictures or any confirmation (other than the julian pic) is even weirder. At this point is has become a pattern - everytime Louis and Harry is in the same place, Harry gets pictured relentlessly with girls and no stories of Larry meeting up is confirmed. If you're only reading the big news papers and gossip magazines, it would look like L and H aren't even friends.

This post might be very rant-y and very badly written and all sorts of bad things. I just kind of wanted to write down my thoughts. Bye.

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