Saturday, 7 February 2015

Harry is Pregnant & Other News

Harry is pregnant.
 I haven't exactly been able to catch up on every vine and video posted during the first show yet, but i do know that Harry yelled that right after he returned from the toilets with Louis and that people had some pretty graphic ideas about his timing........

Moving on from that, Louis And Harry stood next to each other for several songs it appears, and judging from the pictures, Harry has lost his chill for good now:

That last picture makes me feel all kinds of positive

Remember this? :
 ...aaaaand OTRA is Larry AF:
I am a bit stunned. But like in a wonderful, great, fucking fantastic way.

Not specifically larry-related, Harry also asked two guys in the crowd if they were on a date (with each other), again showing his support and awareness for the LGBTQIA community.
(the guys were just friends though )
And can we PLEASE appreciate the GOLD shoes???

Update: #HarryIsPregnantFromLouis is now trending at 1. worldwide and i just died laughing

And Louis apparently decided to change his lyrics to "So let's just fuck again".
aaand then harry of course: "Tell me will you ever fuck me again" ....
Also...just watch the videos of the show and Louis walking ok?

There's also a picture of the rainbow bear:
I feel like there is so many positive things happening these days. 1D is Larry af af af af af af again

Update: According to multiple people outside the arena and several update accounts, Louis and Harry also arrived at the stadium together today. It appears the seperating of the two of them might be over for good? I am looking so so so much forward´to the rest of this tour after this.

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