Monday, 23 February 2015

Zouis LA / Japan - Finally in Japan

Oh my god. So much drama around Zouis these days.
Louis has still technically been MIA since Niall, Liam and Harry flew to Japan and has still not been caught in any photos.

Earlier people were saying that they saw Zayn, Louis and Eleanor at LAX. I know none of the fans who said that, so i wont trust it without pictures. It would make a lot of sense though- Eleanor could be expected after the whole AIMH thing (and everything else - dinners etc).
Some people said that Zouis was spotted in Osaka too, but without Eleanor.
That was two different groups of fans, needless to say. And their stories doesn't really match up if you consider that Zouis' flight is 15 hours long and the two groups of fans tweeted within 3-4 hours of each other.
So. One of the stories might be true, or they might both be false.
Nothing is proved at this moment, really.

: Zouis have been filmed in Kansai Airport,Osaka. No Eleanor. And still no pics of Louis in LA. The elounor rumour was obviously not true  - neither the one with her being spotted in a club with Louis nor the one with her leaving with them.
Daisy said  that Eleanor was in London on the day she was supposedly spotted with Louis in LA, so she probably wasn't there at all. If she was, we'll no doubt get pictures as soon as somethign Larry happens.
Unless there's pap shots of both Zayn and Louis leaving LAX and arriving in Kansai Airport, I'm not sure about where Louis has been these days. He could have been in LA, not saying he wasn't - what i am saying is that we shouldn't believe he was there just because someone says so. Believe in nothing, unless pictures.

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