Monday, 23 February 2015

AIMH article on Yahoo Celeb UK

Of course Yahoo are the first (and might also turn out to be the only (except... sugarscape, ya'll arent gonna let us down, right?)) to publish an article about the 1M RTs.

Now Yahoo might only be on the larry ship because they gain hits, but it's still worth noticing that they've consistantly been writing Larry-articles, sexuality-rumor-articles and articles about L and H in general since Nov.'14, where a bunch of news sources suddenly started focusing on the subjects at once.
They even highlight the weird timing of the AIMH tweet paired with the first Elounor appearance... Ha. They really are learning from the fandom.

It seems they might have come to the same conclusion as us, that something is happening (and they should be more qualified to vouch for this than we are). The last sentences of the article kind of suggests that they believe something is bound to happen in the near future too:
"Now that over one million individuals have retweeted Louis' declaration, we can safely say that we probably aren't ready for the rollercoaster of emotion that is set to hit us over the next few months... But one thing we do know for sure is that we can't bloomin' wait. "

I don't exactly understand why their would be rollercoasters of emotion associated with the tweet already having reached 1M. At least not like, consistantly "over the next few months", so maybe the author (Stephanie, of course) is referring to other things she might think is going to happen?

And i mean THINK, because she probably don't know anything more than we can subtract.

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