Saturday, 14 February 2015

I'm gay, it's pretty unfortunate

So all of the boys went clubbing tonight, which is confirmed through pictures i'm not going to post, because they're everywhere.
Lilo was filmed when arriving back at the hotel and Louis was drunk and loud and adorable.This vine is sort of interesting. LISTEN.
People are hearing "I'm gay, it's pretty unfortunate." and i can definitely hear what they mean, but at the same time i'm not really qualified to vouch for it since i'm not a native english speaker.

Update: So, this happened

Larry shippers run twitter.

Update: SOMEBODY SLOWED DOWN THE VINE. It still sounds like "i'm gay, it's pretty unfortunate", and less like the other possibilities like "Im great, it's prettu fortunate" or "i'm okay, it's pretty awesome", which some people has suggested.
I don't know. But let's just run with the i'm-gay one for now, yeah?
We can probably expect some Elounor pictures to appear soon either way.

Update: The vine actually contains more fun stuff. Right after Louis' says the gay-thing, you can hear Liam say "i can't believe you just said that" and some people hear someone says "be quiet!" or something like that from an unidentified person
This is a version of the vine with subtitles explaining what some people hear. The "BE quiet!" part is pretty clear.

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