Sunday, 1 February 2015

Another Birthday Update

SO, Nadine might have been at the party according to more than one person on twitter.
THIS VINE IS VERY RELEVANT. Harry is leaving his party in this short clip, and it might be Nadine behind him.
According to twitter sources, the party kind of took place in three different venues as far as i understand. This is apparently a vine of him (and possibly Nadine) leaving the place they had "dinner" (which was after the actual party, so you might just consider it drunken muchies).
No one is claiming that it was just the two of them, as the girl who posted the vine is saying that jeff, amongst others that she couldn't make out, was with them.
She hasn't seen Louis though, but says he could very well be there, as a lot of stuff was going down.

This pic emerged and the girl who posted it claims that the blonde girl hugging is Ashley Benson leaving the party:
More pictures of famous guests also emerged:

This vine shows Liam and Paddy running away from the party trying to avoid fans, Haha.

Another picture of Louis earlier in the evening appeared:
Keep in mind that Louis hasn't been spotted out since he arrived in LA except for the two pictures that emerged of him today.

this cute, cute picture was apparently also posted from some account somewhere belonging to Jonny Harvey, whom i actually have no idea who is:
...but Harry's looking cute and happy and the pic is allegedly from last night according to the "happy birthday" caption he added.

Confirmed guests since last update:
Zach Braff, CaCee Cobb, Donald Faison, James Corden, Chris Martin, Kimberly Stewart, Cindy Crawford, Liam, Paddy, Jonny harvey

All these updates are seriously hard to keep up with, so tell me if i missed something.
I also don't know the names of a lot of the guests, sorry. I'll  keep updating the things i catch onto though.

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