Tuesday, 3 February 2015

H's B-day !

I didn't know what to call this post.
It's just a little update with with things regarding Harry's party and stuff that's happening.

People might know that Jeff according to fans got really drunk and hugged everybody. Apparently he also left Harry's guest book in a taxi, which created a lot of drama because pictures got send to a fan that made friends with he driver. I'm not going to share the pics here, because it's totally an invasion of privacy. I know this blog is all about analyzing stuff people do which isn't exactly unpersonal, but as Harry clearly didn't wish his guest book to be leaked i just think it'd be wrong. Sort of like the stalker-fans, it's just too much.

The whole timeline of the party is also a bit confusing. Some say H went for dinner first, then his party and then an afterparty. Some says the dinner-part was after the two parties. I obviously don't know which is true, so i'm just mentioning both theories.

Here's a picture form the party:
which i bet Louis likes a lot, haha.

And here is some of Harry's adorable cakes:

No pictures of Louis so far, and i still don't think they'll surface. Liam was only filmed once (running) outside the party, and i bet Louis was even more careful for obvious reasons.

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