Saturday, 21 February 2015

Babies, anchors, ropes and Flights

Harry liked a picture on instagram while i was asleep..............
The picture is on Liv Taylor's ig. She just had a baby named Sailor.
I'm not normally one to defend the tattoo-thing, because people find it far fetched and there's so much other proof that seems more plausible to people. But this is a fucking BABY HAND with a keychain with AN ANCHOR INTERTWINED WITH A ROPE. Holy mother of mercy.
This is too much. And i'd bet you a lot of money that Harry is currently laughing his ass of because of the fandoms reaction to this...

The shady flight/location/elounor thing i mentioned yesterday is still shady af.
There was a picture of Louis and Oli on a plane posted yesterday claiming to be of them on a private yet to LA (it was a snapchat from inside the plane, creepy), but other than that and the fact that Niall, Liam and Harry has landed in Japan alone (there's a lot of pictures), there is no proof as to where Louis might be currently. There is no update on the alleged eleanor/ sophia sighting at the perth concert, but no one spotted her with Liam in Japan (and he even went out shopping according to some fans).
The idea that Zayn and Louis would go to LA seems weird, but it turns out that Zayn might actually be there. The LA-stalker teem seems to have met him at the airport, but as far as i'm aware they didn't meet Louis.
I'll update later, but currently i concluded that:
Louis: MIA (possbly LA)
Zayn: LA
Harry: Osaka, Japan
Niall: Osaka, Japan (with a strange burn/ black eye??)
Liam: Osaka, Japan

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