Sunday, 22 February 2015


AIMH-tweet is currently at 974.485.
WAHHH. I can't keep up with it these days. It got more than 10K rt's today, and if this keeps going, it'll reach 1 million during this week.

Update: 20 min. later and it just gained 2K, now at 976.204. Who the fuck are all these larries suddenly crawling out from the shadows to retweet???
 Update: how is this even possible? 30 mins. from last update and AIMH is now at 979.782.
It reached 960K while i was sleeping, which was like 15 hours ago at most. It has since gained about 20K ? How why? who?
At the current rate it will reach 1 mio. while i'm asleep. which would suck.
We might also now have to come to the collective realisation that our 1 mio.-screenshots will include Louis as an egg.

This is all just so much at once.

Update: This is happening so fast that i might even see the tweet reach 1M before i go to bed. It's going at least 1K/5min., currently at 988.644.

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