Sunday, 1 February 2015

Birthday Updates

My timeline on twitter is exploding.
I'm just going to update as things happen and include what i find important.
First off, there's some speculation as to why Harry had his party on saturday instead of sunday, which is his actual birthday. I Don't know why people are speculating so much, but as far as i'm concerned there are different posibilities:
1: He had the party on saturday, because he's having a more quiet and private party on sunday (with family and such).
2: It it more practical for everyone involved that it's on a saturday and not a sunday. At least if anyone who were at the party has normal days jobs (which they might not hahaha).
3: McBusted are apparently flying out to Australia on sunday. It would make sense if 1D joined them before the tour starts.
...But ultimately i don't really think it matters why he had the party on saturday. I just hope he had a good time.

Some people are now claiming to have photos of Louis and that Harry left the party:
People are continuing to say that they haven't spotted Nadine at any point during the evening, but that both Kendall and Cara were there.
There's also more pictures of guests at the party:

...So i guess Becks actually attended. (i am now imagining Louis fangirling like crazy)
@1DBackstagePlease provided these pics. She is like everyone else claiming that she didn't se Nadine, but that Louis was there. She is also claiming, amongst others, that there was allegedly a photo booth at the party, according to some guests and staff attending... I really hope we'll get a photo booth photo-spam.

People who have been confirmed to be at the party via. pics so far:

Alexa chung, Rita Ora, Adele, Julian, Jeff Azoff, David Beckham, Cara Delevigne, (enlighten me if you know the names of he rest of these famous people on the photos, haha)

People who have been claimed to be at the party, but without proof:
Liam, Sophia, Louis, Calum, Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner, Ashley Benson (didn't even know they were associated??), Kelly Osbourne,

I'll Update when something happens.

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