Thursday, 12 February 2015

Weird Twitter-Phoebe

Okay, so the girl who's claiming to be Phoebe Tomlinson and been posting pictures from Ernest and Doris' 1years, which kind of proved it, whom was also followed by Lou Teasdale and Lottie might be..fake?
This is completely weird, as she obviously fooled both Lottie and Lou, which
However, after posting this picture
..And claiming it was from Christmas and Anne send it to her, Anne responded with this tweet:
which suggests that 1: this picture is somehow stolen, because she's confused as to how "Phoebe" got it and 2: the account is fake.
(i know posting hacked pictures is not very nice, but as this is somewhat innocent and doesn't contain any family members or anything AND is relevant for the narrative i'm trying to establish, i incuded it.)

This is relevant because 1: if this account is fake, then the person who runs it has got a lot of personal pictures which they aren't supposed to have. And 2: The phoebe account has been posting weird mixed messages in terms of Larry in the last week. Those would be pretty irrelevant if the account is fake.

The weirdest thing about this is that after tweeting "I have to go now. Bye", the account was deactivated, suggesting that  Anne was right, and the account was fake.
In which case, wtf Lou and Lottie?!


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