Thursday, 5 February 2015

This is important

Do you guys even realise what a completely amazing turn of events has gone on today and yesterday? This is amazing. Its a complete opposite of what have been going on for the past three years and it is happening now, when no one is sure how much or how much longer Modest! is gonna be in control.

Paired with No chill novembers absolutely amazing headlines about Harry's support for the LGBT community, Harry's own support on twitter and the fact that Louis went to Harrys birthday, i think we're seeing a pattern. Things are definitely going in the right direction and i think the contract with modest! is slowly being phased out.

I might be wrong and this all might be a fandom overreacting. If it is, i'm sure we'll see some ridiculous stories in the media and some damage control from their PR team in that way - i mean, "Louis & Harry" has been trending for 13 hours worldwide now.
Whatever happens, we should still aprecciate  that Harry and Louis got to spend 14 hours on a flight together for the first time in three years and it was in public and everybody knew. This is so huge.

And..there's officially less than one hour till they land in Sydney and this fandom collectively looses their shit
please please please bring us HQ pictures pleeeeease

UPDATE: HAHAH, maybe we're already seeing damage control. 15 minutes until their flight is due to land and pap pics are now being published of Harry out with Nadine (where they btw cut out both Jeff and Glenne who was also with them). I love how it's become so incredibly easy to predict... Anyways. On a seperate note, pictures of Louis from right before Harry's b-day party are being posted on twitter. There's also a bunch of pictures of him out in LA with friends this week. I'm just gonna ignore the fact that there's no proof for this yet and just hope 21 year old Harry was with him, is that all right?

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