Wednesday, 18 February 2015

2015, seeding, management and PR

I said a rant was coming and i was speaking the truth. Sorry in advance for what may possible become a small wall of text.

Okay, so i've been a bit nervous to start this rant really. Because if i'm wrong, which i might very well be, then it'll be sort of sad to have established what i think is a very good theory that i'd like to come true.
2015 has been wild in terms if PR changes and managing of 1D. There was a lot of things in 2014, including no-chill november, which could be the start of the seeding that I think we're seeing now. I don't want to go too much into detail with that now, because there was so much happening, and i feel like this is already going to be a long post just covering 2015.

During January this year, Louis went to LA with the first Elounor pic in ages, very awkward, very shady, typical modest type of event. There were no pap pictures of Elounor together in LA at all - and that's something to consider, knowing the paps were full aware of the address of the house Lilo rented and could've easily been there. I know some people don't seem to understand this, but paps are hired 90% of the time, and the fact that they weren't hired to take Elounor pics in LA asides from in the airport is relevant and shows us a glimpse of how things work.
Eleanor flew home, did a ridiculous stunt with the location-thing on instagram showing her location being 100 yards away form Louis' home.

Then Louis attended Harry's birthday party and was pictured on the day of the party - this was the only picture that was taken and published of him while in LA.
It's also relevant to notice that Harry faved an article on twitter about the LBGT birthday charity. Lairport happened at the start of february.There were still several Hadine rumours flowing around, but the Lairport-news were covered by almost every major news site and we got the first pap picture of the two alone in more than three years. They left in the same car (there is some debate about this - i have explained in a previous post why it was the same car) and then stayed at the same hotel after arriving in Sydney.

 OTRA started and L&H were pictured on the big screen in a picture together during DFWYB and is standing next to each other during several parts of the set. The rainbow bear is back - in changing outfits even-, after having been mysteriously lost since somewhere during wwa (as far as i'm aware).
Harry and Louis are consistantly acknowledging each other on stage (and apparently also take bathroom breaks together) which is something that was completely no-no last year and in 2013.
Harry asked two men in the audience if they were dating during a show in Sydney.

Eleanor appeared again for Sophias birthday party. This is also the first time since they left LA that H and L had been seperated, as far as we know.
When the "I am gay, it's pretty unfortunate"-vine happened, there were suddenly more pictures of Elounor on a beach from the same day of Sophias party.
Today we learned that Harry, Louis, Des and others had dinner sometime this week together on a Restaurant.
(and that is what you missed on glee)

The reason why i just made a summary is to show just how much actually happened.
First off, the birthday party was more that we have ever gotten in terms of Larry interaction in private since 2012. The lairport incident, is however more telling in terms of management changes.
We have (STRONGLY) suspected (/confirmed...) that there was a photoban on  H and L. The fact that there was a joined paparazzi photo of them shows that something changed with that photoban. Combined with the fact that various media outlets have been writing about sexuality speculation and Larry since november I think it proves the change in their PR (the paps arent there if not hired, the magazines will write the narrative thats most profitable: thats another story).
This works with the idea that we are seeing the beginning of the end with their current team (MM and crew).
The bearding has been minimal, and the Elounor pics from the beach was only released in reaction to the unfortunate-vine.
The dinner today is another amazing happening because of several things. First off, Harry and Louis haven't acknowledged each other on twitter for years. A restaurant @'s them together in the same tweet is something that hasn't happened for a very long time. Des confirming the story (without tagging them though) is also very relevant.

There is a reason these things are suddenly happening. It is not coincidential that this has escalated from november until now and has fully erupted in 2015. The assumed lenght of the contract with M!M is 5 years (based on several sources that i am not going into now), and the SONY(columbia records (which is also sony)) deal is assumably for 5 records.
I know a few things (i mean it. it's few) about the music business, and normally there's a transitioning period when an artist changes management, as to gradually prepare the artist as well as the fans for the change. If the contract with modest ends this year, which it should according to the fandoms theory, it would be perfectly logical to assume that this years changes are as a result of this transitioning and that the changes might therefore continue to happen. 
I am convinced that the boys wont sign another contract with modest, for reasons explained in my proof lists and i think it is almost safe to assume that they will be taken over by the Azoff's managing soon.
These wonderful times might actually be here to stay. I hope.
I'm not saying we can hope for a coming out in 2015, but at least we're seeing positive changes and signs that those changes may be here to stay.

I'm not necessarily agreeing on this, but there's a theory going around tumblr and twitter that their current M!M-team is gradually leaving at the moment. Some of their team members has indeed left from australia, but i don't think that's necessarily for good. They would probably change the team gradually as they do with their image, pr and everything else, so the theory could be right, but them leaving could also be for a number of other reasons.

That was a lot. and i'm really tired, so it's possibly nonsense. sorry.


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