Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Rumours and coincidences

Since Liam has left LA alone, we can pretty much assume that Louis is still in LA. He has been MIA since the LQ photos from the grocery store with Liam the other day, but since fans have been waiting at LAX for almost the entire week (as far as i'm aware), it's highly unlikely in my point of view that he left without anyone noticing.
I am fully aware that they are completely capable to board flight without anyone noticing, but there wouldn't really be a point in hiding Louis leaving for the OTRA tour - it's not like they hid Liam, and everybody knows where they're going anyways. And by everybody, that includes the fans waiting to mob them in the airport in Australia.

The (horrible) update accounts on twitter are like "So liam is in aus, harry is in LA and Louis is MIA". I'm like allright, but he has been MIA for 5 days where you had no problem concluding he was probably still in LA with Liam.Then when he continues to be MIA after Liam leaves, they switch from "louis is probs still in LA" to "we don't know where Louis is".
How peculiar.
Anyways, I think they're both still in LA because that's what makes the most sense paired with the evidence of Liam leaving alone.

There's also the fact that every bloody gossip site has run a story on Harry and his suppoed new tattoo today.
The articles quotes another one of those "mysterious" sources, who says that Harry got two sets of initials tattoed. Of course every magazine is pushing the Hadine-viewpoint (except for Yahoo Celebrity UK, THANK YOU.) and the whole thing is just utter ridiculous in itself. (I mean, take a little dip into the  reality pool. You don't get anyones initials tattoed on you when you've only known them for four months)
When you then pair the "Hadine-news" with the fact that people are talking about Larry, the timing seems a little peculiar. it's like everytime something small happens that could be positive for the Larries, something to opppose it gets printed.

Larries, feb.'15: "Harry is in LA with Louis"
Media, feb.'15: "Harry Styles gets tatttoo with his girlfriend!"

kind of reminds me of

Larries, nov.'15: "We're so proud of Harry, he made so many brave statements lately!"
Media, (after mentioning his statements as jokes): "Harry styles has a new girlfriend! She's blond and a model and here's a list of every girl he's previously dated!"

Funny that.

I'm not suggesting that the news sites has any sort of deal with PR or M!M (a few might), but note how these damage-control stories are always based on a "mysterious" or "inside" source. 
FYI when they say inside source, they really mean some slimy PR-punk


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