Saturday, 7 February 2015

More OTRA Larry stuff

Here's the "will you ever fuck me again" in WDBHG in context. Notice how Louis turns to Harry and sings "are you sleeping baby by yourself" immediately afterwards.

This performance of happily is pretty rich in Larry gravitating towards one another. It also seems as though Harry is turning to sing in Louis direction quite often, but it's a little hard to tell due to the video quality.

Here's the performance of Girl Almighty in which Harry declares his pregnancy.

Also omfg this is the most Larry AF performance of You & I i have seen for a very very long time. I mean holy shit, Harry cannot control himself in this and he keeps staring at Louis and he doesn't even seem like he's trying to hide it. Harry normally seems kind of sad/serious when singing this song but i think he seems more sort of happy/serious in this performance.... Maybe i'm reading too much into this. But wow.
Towards the end of the video it could also look like both L and H are turned in each others direction when singing the chorus, but it's hard to tell for sure because of the camera angle.

And here's Louis sort-of dancing right behind Harry and being cute.

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