Sunday, 22 February 2015

LA Zouis update

Remember how the update accounts suddenly posted about Louis clubbing in LA last night with Eleanor?
Well, daisy said she was in London yesterday. No one is quite sure whether "daisy" on twitter is actually daisy, but Lou, Eleanor, Lottie and more are following her, so unless she's hacked, it's her. (the fake/real/hacked twitter-phoebe i talked about last week has reactivated her profile and now has follows from Lottie, Lou, fiz and more. Phoebe confirmed that the Daisy-profile was real)

Louis is still not in any pictures in LA. But here is a picture of zayn and "a friend" in LA, as update accounts are saying:
Mike Navarra might be a friend, but he's also 1D's publicist working for SONY/colombia records:
In case you find that confusing, here's what a publicist does:
(note the twitter thing: YES, it is normal for artists to have their social media controlled by people working for their record label.)

So... Mike Navarra did obviously not just decide to go to LA for fun to party with Zouis. I doubt that Zouis themselves went to there to party, but in that case - why would they need their publicist?

We'll probably find out son enough.

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