Saturday, 31 January 2015


Yesterday "Harry's in Arizona" trended ww. The picture people are claiming is from Arizona is this one:
 There is literally no other indications of him being in Arizona other than the fact that people claim this photo was taken there, and are speculating that he could be going to the super bowl. yet there is no way to tell whether that photo is from Arizona or not.
These pictures also showed up sometime yesterday:
..In which harry is shopping in LA wearing the exact same outfit as he did in the "Arizona" picture. I think it's somewhat safe to conclude that Harry is still in LA and not in Arizona. Especially when you pair it with the fact that it's his birthday tomorrow and that he probably would be spending that day with either his family or his friends, band and Lou in LA.
#HappyBirthdayHarryStyles is already trending 1st worldwide btw:

Louis and Liam has been pictured with some guys who are apprently from Nickelback in the studio with Julian:

I am still wondering whether the entire band will ever be together before the tour starts.... Practice, you know.

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