Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Rainbow Harry

Let's just thank Mr.Harry Styles  for continuing his ambiguous tweeting:

And keep in mind this was tweeted today, right after every single online magazine and actual papers wrote about the "always in my heart" tweet being the second most retweeted ever.
I'm sure the Eluonor shippers pointing out that he could be talking about actual rainbows have a point, but it just seems a little peculiar to me with the timing (and along with the hundreds of other tweets of his that can in some way be related to Larry or coming out).

Some Elounor shipper also pointed out on twitter that it could be about skittles.
I'm not even going to comment on that.
..or well. actually, i'd like to say that i find it weird that Elounor shippers relate more things to larry than Larries actully do. It's like everytime something involving Harry or Louis happens, the first time anyone mentions it, it's usually a Elounor shipper saying "i bet those crazy deluded people are gonna relate this to Larry".
Funny that

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