Monday, 26 January 2015

Read This (for reference)

I'm posting this because it might be (and have previously been) necessary, and i'll just link to this post anywhere it's needed.

I just want to say something real quick.I'm a way too dedicated larry shipper, so i decided to create this blog to get people on board the ship. Or just get the facts straight, really.
I find that a lot of Larry supporters out there tends to overreact and sees everything as a proof, and I just wanted to keep the real proof in focus and leave the rest to the deluded ones.
I try to keep myself as objective as possible while analyzing the proofs and i will state when i don't see a specific "proof" as actual proof, regardless of how heartbreaking it might be for you. (and me).

I also find it incredibly important to say that i do in no way condemn the rude and horrible behavior some shippers have towards one another, and that i wont be going into any discussions with Elounor shippers unless they're rational discussions with mutual respect.

Furthermore i think it is important that the ship and support stays within the fandom. I don't want to push Louis and Harry to come out and i don't want to involve Eleanor or either of the winter-girlfriends directly. They are probably all nice girls involved in a not-so.-nice situation.
I think subtle things like trending topics on twitter and making sure that Larry knows there is support if/when they come out is the key to keeping the fandom a healthy environment. All the hate and bickering between both band vs. fans and fans vs. fans wont get any of us nowhere.

That wasn't really "real quick".

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