Friday, 23 January 2015

Update Elounor and Hack

A few more photos of Elounor at LAX has appeared:

People say they are pap photos, but i haven't been able to find the original source.

There's also a hacking situation going on with 1D and the whole SONY-hack thing. Late last year SONY was hacked, which everybody probably knows by now. Just now, sugarscape posted an article about it, (referring to The Mirror as original source), suggesting that SONY can't do anything further to prevent things from leaking.
The information is from an "anonymous insider" so it could be completely untrue. However, if things were actually going to leak, i think it would be a great idea for PR/management to tell the press beforehand through an "inside source", just to kind of soften the blow.

Hacking of personal emails is of course not all right, but if 1D's emails actually end up getting leaked, i hope M!M will look like idiots.
I also just wanna point out that (since the article is suggesting this) if nudes were posted, it would be wrong to look at them. I know people are going to do it, but it is completely not all right. It is basically like spying on somebody naked through their window.
I am in general just too politically correct to truly celebrate this hacks' possible outcome. Even if M!M got exposed and Larry was proven. But the news is very noteworthy either way.

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