Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Quick update

I think i'm going to do sort of a recap of what happened this week later today or tomorrow, but i just wanted to mention some things that's been going around in the fandom lately.
First of all, people are talking about trending som Larry-related #'s and tagging Harry in them on Saturday. I'm not into that thing, because trending topics on twitter won't get management to suddenly let them come out.
I know they need to know that there's support, but i believe they do. They have proven multiple times that they go through the Larry-tags on twitter anyways (check my twitter explanation if you need proof).

Then there's also the fact that the "always in my heart"-tweet has reached 829.835 retweets as of right now.

And then i kind of want people to enjoy this guy from BB16 because he ships Larry big time while trying to hide his own love for a man. Just another ship to jump on board if you like.

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