Thursday, 22 January 2015

Update+ This Week in Larry World

I thought it would be a good idea to do weekly summaries of what happened in the fandom and with the boys. Of course i can't include everything and i'm only going to sum up things i find relevant.
This sum-up is a timeline of what happened since i started this blog approximately 10 days ago.
If you need details on the events, go back and read previous posts made on the day of events.

Week 1 on Elf&Broomstick:
Harry have been in LA for the entire 10 days. Louis has been in various places in the UK.
January 13th: The "Always in my heart"-tweet beats Obamas "four more years"-tweet and becomes the second most retweeted ever. A LOT of credible papers wrote articles about it. Louis_Tomlinson tweeted about CBB.
January 14th: Harry tweeted "I study rainbows." That kind of speaks for itself. Louis_Tomlinson continuued to tweet about CBB. Louis was at a football match (don't really remember where, but it's really irrelevant, apart from the cute fan pictures).
January 15th: Some guy posted a fan picture he'd taken with Louis with a hateful comment, which resulted in Louis answering and a thousand angry 1D fans forcing him to quit twitter. Louis_Tomlinson then continuued to tweet about CBB. And pizzahut.
Taylor Swift and Harry was also spotted at the same Birthday party in LA which is kind of irrelevant asides from the fact that it caused a lot of rumors for no reason. Harry tweeted "Serendipity"
January 16th: Harry tweeted "Cake?" and "I had gloves on all day." and some people freaked out because apparently there's a wedding avenue called "Serendipity lane" not long from a place called "Serendipity cakes" who makes wedding cakes. The glove thing might have got something to do with a custom glove manufactorer Harry recently followed on twitter who makes gloves for performances. Louis_Tomlinson, not surprisingly, kept tweeting about CBB.(do i have to keep writing this? - just assumes this is what's happening from now on unless i write otherwise)
January 17th: Harry tweeted a quote about bucket hats, while Cara Delevigne posted a photo on instagram with a group of friends wearing bucket hats. Therefore i'm assuming they hung out in LA together.
January 18th: Nothing happened apart from irrelevant Tweets and fandom rumors.
January 19th: People started talking about trending Larry-related #'s on saturday.
January 20th: Sugarscape posted an article about Meghan Trainor and Harry writing a song together, where Meghan says that "harry knows love".
January 21st: Update accounts tweeted about Louis, Eleanor, Liam and Sophia flying to LA from Heathrow. The "couples" apparently flew in seperate flights acording to the accounts.
January 22nd: A picture of Eleanor and Louis in an airport showed up. There is some debate of whether the picture is from LA or Heathrow.  People are speculating whether they are even in LA. I'll update on this when there's more clarity. Harry tweeted "An hour(and a bit)glass." which might be Lyrics to the song "hourglass" by Mindy Gledhill.

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