Sunday, 1 March 2015

Twins Twitter Shadiness AGAIN

 I have written several posts about Phoebe and Daisy's twitter accounts. This one just adds to the confusion.
Jay said yesterday that the twins don't have twitter. She @'ed Phoebe in the tweet. Then the phoebe-account was deleted, but reactivated again only to state that she was indeed Phoebe, even though Jay denied it:
(i posted jay tweet twice to show that phoebe's account was deactivated and then reactivated following her tweet).

Funny thing: I have proved in one of my other posts about this topic, that Lou, Eleanor, Mark, Greg, Lux and Lottie followed the twins.
  I don't have any real proof of this changing, except for these screenshots, but suddenly none of them follows phoebe anymore (yet they all continue to follow daisy):

( i don't see the point of proving any further that she lost followers, you can check).

Shady shady shady. Because Mark @'ed them both more than once over a year ago. I have posts linked in my other posts that prove that they are real accounts, basically. This whole twins-on-twitter things is getting completely ridiculous and i don't even know what any of it means. It just seems so shady it's worth writing about.

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