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February 2015 Timeline

 Media/ Press related stuff will be in green, Location/Interaction related stuff will be in blue and social media stuff will be in red. Random stuff  (like things going on in the fandom) will just be in black.

I'll only link to stuff related to Larry or management and just things that are relevant in general. or funny. But not everything will have a source and links because it will take ages, and this isn't meant to be a "proof that this stuff happened" list, it's just meant to summarize, and if you don't believe the few things that doesn't have sources or links, then google it (happy emoji).

note: when i say "MIA" i mean missing as in there-are-no-proof-of-where-they-are, not as in they-aren't-active-on-social-media-and-we-dont-know-where-they-are. When i use () and write a location, it's where they most likely, almost definitely were.

extra note: timezones in Japan and Australia are fucked compared to british and american ones, so the period of time they spent there is a bit confusing ... that's why some tweets and stuff might seem weird in context. I hope it makes sense anyways, because it's a lot of work even without trying to fit different timezones.


Harry MIA ( in LA). Louis spotted grocery shopping with Liam in LA (there were pictures,i don't bother to find them).
Harry tweeted "Thank you for all the lovely messages for my birthday. All the love. H".

The Mirror wrote about Harry's party. A lot of media outlets did. Mostly about how Nadine was there and how there was a lot of celebs.

Louis MIA (in LA).( Liam left LA without Louis).
Harry MIA (in LA).
None of them where spotted, but we later connected that they were both in the studio writing with Liam before he left.
Harry also took pictures with fans.
Yahoo wrote about Harry's birthday party.
So did Daily Mail. And MTV, and a lot of other media outlets. It's unnecessary to include them all.

Harry driving around in LA in the day...
Louis in LA, rumored to be out clubbing. These have been claimed to be from the 3rd.
Louis tweeted Niall because he finally listened to some music Louis had been telling him to listen to (music that Harry have tweeted about multiple times, which he has also included in his spotify playlist).

Josh (their drummer) posted a photo on IG of him rehearsing, which included Rainbow Bondage Bear, whom had been missing for a while.

Louis and Harry both in LA, both spotted and pictured at LAX. (At this point we didn't know but) They were together, on the same flight to Sydney (which had a longevity of 14 hours)).
Harry had yoghurt with Jeff and Nadine earlier in the day in LA. (harry also took pics with fans)

No social media activity from either.
CapitalFM wrote about Harry and Nadine getting complementary tattoos.
The fandom freaked out because everybody was speculating about Harry and Louis'arrival at LAX. Some Update accounts tried to make i look like they were taking two seperate flights (20 minutes apart). It turned out the second flight didn't exist. A lot of larries didn't expect to get confirmation on H&L travelling together.
Update accounts started talking about Louis having been out clubbing with friends during his MIA time in LA. Larries obviously hoped that was connected to Harry recently turning 21.
"Louis and Harry" started trending worldwide.

H and L together, arriving at Sydney Airport. Incredible amounts of HQ pictures of them walking out seperately from the exit at Sydney Airport (looking HAPPY), but leaving in the same car. The first picture of Louis and Harry being together outside PR, interview- an concert related stuff appeared in 2½ years.
After leaving in the same car, fans, as well as update accounts reported that Louis and Harry stayed at the same hotel, Zayn and Liam stayed at another, and Niall stayed by himself. They allegedly had dinner together at a restaurant nearby.

Harry tweeted "On The Road Again is about to start, very excited to be back in Australia. Can't wait to see everyone out there. All the love".
Eleanor liked a quote on instagram saying "When you accidentally like your ex boyfriends pictures from 8 months back".
Hollywood life wrote about the Tattoo rumor-. So did And The Mirror. And Cambio.
Sugarscape kind of made fun of the rumors. Yahoo Celebrity Uk definitely made fun of the whole thing. They also wrote an article about Louis and Harry travelling together and seemed EXITED, haha. Daily Mail somehow made it sound like Zayn flew with Harry and Louis, and wrote an article about Harry blowing kisses for/ "SMOOCHING" his female fans. Earlier in the day they were almost as confused, and wrote about Harry touching down in LA ahead of the grammys, even though what really happened was him taking off from LA to Sydney ahead of their tour (great job, daily mail).
For unrevealed purposes, Elounor shippers sent a lot of death threats to larries and told us to kill ourselves.
It was unsuccesfull, since the larries had already died.
"Louis and Harry" still trended worldwide.

H and L together in Sydney. They left their hotel and went to the Arena to rehearse for the first OTRA show. There was some debate to whether or nor they went and left together or not.
Harry answered a fan on twitter
and said he was going to be wearing a little black dress for the first show. He also tweeted "
As far as I'm aware, the doors are open. And we're On The Road Again.".
He followed some fans, apparently a car full of them he'd met ad followed in exchange of them not literally folowing him.
Eleanor posted a picture of a hotel room in London on IG.

Cambio wrote an article about Harry "snubbing his friends" because of Nadine.
MTV claimed they had gotten tattoos. Daily Mail wrote about the rehearsals at the stadium and Melly being there (they originally thoght she was eleanor, but changed it after fans told them it wasn't).
Some media outlets talked about Eleanor not being interested in Louis...
The fandom was speculating about Eleanor staying at a hotel in London because Louis has a house there. There was still a worldwide "Harry and Louis" trend.
Of course there were Elounor break-up rumors following her recent IG activity.

H and L together in Sydney. Fans said they arrived together at the stadium. During the first OTRA show, they entered the stage side by side and there were some interaction during the show: Usual staring from Harry during You&I and night changes, and them going to the bathroom at the same time. A lot of mirroring. Louis changed his lyrics to "So let's just fuck again" and Harry changed his to "Tell me will you ever fuck me again?".
Harry yelled "I'M PREGNANT". Rainbow bondage bear was on stage. Everything is included in this post and this post.

L_T tweeted that it was an amazing first OTRA show. He then tweeted hours later that he was exited for the next show.

 Daily Mail posted an article about Harry and Nadine enjoying a "romantic" yoghurt-date yet again. They were referring to one of the ones with Jeff and Glenne - Jeff, however, was described as an "assistant" and Glenne was completely left out of the article.
Hollywood Life wrote about it too.
#HarryIsPregnantFromLouis trended worldwide 10 minutes after Harry said he was pregnant. Some update accounts said that harry yelled "go crazy"...

H and L Together, 2nd OTRA show in Sydney. Same level of interaction as the night before. Harry asked two boys if they were on a date. They took some fan photos backstage after the show.

Harry Tweeted "Sydney, you've been amazing. Perfect way to start the tour. Thank you for having us. We hope you had a good time. All the love. H".
Johannah retweeted a Larrie and Phoebe (whom nobody knows whether is real or not) also posted a pisture from Jays wedding of Harry and the Tomlinson family, captioning it "#Life". 
The Mirror posted an article about Harry and Nadine the "Hot new girlfriend". In this one neither Jeff nor Glenne is mentioned.
 International Business Times (wut?) posted an article about the harry-dumping-friends-for-nadine thing.
After all the interaction between Harry and Louis, the Larries speculated about Elounor pictures coming up.

Harry MIA (in Sydney).
Louis in Sydney on a yacht in Sydney with Eleanor, Sophia, Liam, Niall, Melly and others, celebrating Sophia's birthday. We later (very conveniently timed) found out he was also at bondi beach with Eleanor.

Harry wished Matt Irwin a happy birthday on twitter and posted this picture on IG.

Louis flew from Sydney to Brisbane with Zayn. Harry flew with Niall and Liam. (there is no pics placing them in different flights, update accounts said that there were two planes about 20 mins apart...).
L_T tweeted twice about football. Once mentioning a football player named Harry.

This is random, but funny.

Both in Brisbane.
Louis arrived with Zayn.
Harry arrived in Brisbane with Niall and Liam. (they might have all arrived together).

He took some adorbs pics with a fans and her baby after the OTRA show at night, where there was more interaction than usual during some parts of the concert.
Louis_Tomlinson tweeted that it had been a great show and a great way to start to tour. He retweeted some football thing, mentioning another guy named Harry.
Daily Mail wrote about all of the boys flying together.

Louis MIA (but probably in Sydney).
Harry MIA (but probably in Sydney).

L_T tweeted about a car with "donny" stickers on the back in Australia.

Louis flew from Sydney to Melbourne with Liam.

Harry tweeted "Happy Valentine's Day .x" and "Show in Melbourne tonight, can't wait to see all of you.. See you soon". L_T retweeted another football thing with yet another guy named harry. He also promo'ed a band named hollow coves and tweeted "Boom" which puzzled people. He then tweeted he was looking forward to the show in Melbourne.

Both in Melbourne, OTRA show at Ethihad Stadium. Louis went out with Liam and got DRUNK, which resulted in an unfortunate vine.. Harry and the other boys also went out, and pictures places them at the same club at some time during the night.

Louis changed his profile pic on twitter to an egg.
The first Elounor picture from Bondi beach on yacht day appeared 6 hours after the unfortunate-vine.

The fandom went into meltdown because of the vine. Some update accounts didn't comment on it, while others was stating stuff like "No matter what, we will support Louis". The larries were obviously over the moon, but expected a huge backlash from the #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate ww trend that started moments after the vine was released.
Latin Post claimed Harry and Nadine were moving in together. So did OceanUp. Taytay were for some reason included in those articles.

Both in Melbourne.
Harry played tennis with Liam during the day.
OTRA show at Ethihad Stadium. They took a bathroom break together, resulting in Niall being confused, saying "Where's Louis? Where's Harry?" which resulted in the audience going crazy. (there are vines and videos.)
Harry took some pics with fans in the evening.

They he went with Niall to a casino in the evening and stayed there until early morning.Meet and greet after the show with some fans (pics).
Louis tweeted about him being an egg, writing that the owner of the last pic was crying so he needed
a new one.

LOADS of pics of Elounor at bondi beach on Yacht day (the info in this link in incorrect but these are the pics) appeared in both articles and on update accounts.
A weird article about Harry's many exes and Nadine being angry about it was posted on unrealityTV.
Sugarscape posted an article about the rumors of Harry and Nadine moving in together.
Yahoo celebrity UK wrote about the "I'm gay, it's pretty unfortunate"-drunk night.
Daily Mail also wrote about it, making it a joke. Earlier in the day they wrote about Louis and Liam going to celebrate valentines day without their girlfriends. Harry or any of the other boys being there wasn't mentioned.
Metro wrote about the vine, also making it a joke.
Even a french paper wrote about the vine.

The fandom was still freaking out about the vine. Larries were celebrating because the newspapers wrote about it, and laughing because of the new Elounor pics. #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate was still trending 1st ww.
The rest of the fandom, including update accounts started retracting their statements and claimed that Louis definitely was talking about a birthday, and not being gay in the vine.

Both in Melbourne, then Adelaide. (pics of Harry and Niall arriving) Louis left with Zayn (pics+ video) - it's a bit unclear whether they all flew together (update accounts are saying they flew seperately, logic says they flew together).
Harry went to Steve Noonan's 24th birthday party with Niall..And gave him a cake with naked men on.
Louis, Zayn and Liam went out.

Harry tweeted "Thanks for having us Melbourne. The shows were amazing, you're very nice." and congratulated a fan on her birthday. Louis retweeted the picture Zayn posted with him, Liam  and friends. He also posted a link for a charity on FB.
AIMH reached 900K rt's.
The fandom went crazy because of AIMH. Larries celebrated and elounor shippers sent death threats and made an effort to rt Obamas tweet (at 3rd place for most rt'ed) because they were angry.
#WeLoveYouEleanor trended ww because Eleanor looked very skinny in the latest 'candids' from bondi beach and people were worried. There were multiple opinions on the hashtag, but all parts of the fandom helped trend it. There were also people angry about the concept in all parts of the fandom.

International Business Times wrote about Nadine being angry with Taylor because of Harry.
Yahoo celebrity UK posted an article saying that Louis said "birthday" and not "i'm gay". They also wrote about Harry and Niall's drunk casino trip. Daily Mail also posted an article about the "misleading vine". Aaand one about the vine in combination with "romantic" new Elounor pics:  "One directions Louis Tomlinson enjoys romantic beach walk with girlfriend Eleanor Calder, as one directions fans wrongly speculates about his sexuality after misleading vine"... They posted this article earlier in the day about the vine.

Apparently Harry, Louis, Des and maybe others went out to dinner together in Melbourne.
Both performing in Adelaide, Australia.
Harry left Adelaide with Liam and Niall (this is on the 18th in aus i think).

Harry posted this photo on IG and tweeted "Adelaide thank you for having us.. You were amazing tonight. H" and "Thank you everyone who's been voting for us for Best British Video at the @Britawards. Keep voting, you're very nice. #BRITONEDIRECTION". Then he posted another photo on instagram with the caption "toilette", which is technically french. Louis tweeted about Eden Dora trust's upcoming birthday.
The Larries celebrated once again because of the restaurant visit. There was speculation that Harry's IG post was from the restaurant's toilets.

Yahoo Celeb UK wrote about Harry's never-ending renovation of his 'home', including a rumor about him having build in a bar. 

Louis MIA (rumored to be on Hamilton Island with Zayn, last seen in Melbourne).
Harry MIA (in Perth probably).
(possibly having dinner with Lottie and crew).
Update accounts said that Louis and Zayn went to Hamilton Island. There was some discussion about that because there wasn't (and still isn't) any proof.
 UnrealityTV posted an article about Harry and Nadine moving in together (and nadine being jealous of Taylor. again). Daily mail posted an article about some girl saying she slept with three of the boys..

19.Harry probably in Melbourne during the day (but MIA before the flight).
He flew from Melbourne to perth with Niall and Liam. (fan pics)
Louis MIA (rumored to be on Hamilton Island, these pictures are supposed to be from there.).

Harry posted a photo on IG with the caption "Quiet dinner". He also posted another photo with the caption "chains around my feet". The caption and the picture is almost certainly a reference to johnny cash's "I got stripes".
Update accounts still said Zayn and Louis were on Hamilton Island. The rest of the fandom were confused as to WHY they would go there for such a short time in such bad weather and if they even did go there at all. Obviously larries reacted to the possibility of Harry having dinner with L's sister and were also headcanon'ing about H's IG post.

Daily Mail wrote about Zayn and Louis maybe being stuck on Hamilton Island.They also included the source of the rumors.

H and L together, OTRA show in Perth, Australia. Harry wore a pink shirt an little gold glittery dots. Louis called Harry "Harold" during the show, and Harry was apparently hanging out with Lou and Lux before the show. Harry flew to Osaka after the show with Niall and Liam (loads of airport pics when they arrived (it was the 21st in Japan then)).
Louis went MIA after the show, but was rumored (with no proof whatsoever, except for this picture) to be flying to LA.
None of them used social media.

Yahoo Celebrity UK wrote about Louis and Zayn NOT being stuck on Hamilton Island. So did Daily Mail.
The fandom was happy about the "Harold" thing and wishing for no Elounor during the short break before Osaka on the 24th. Some update accounts said that El was at the concert (she wasn't). Then they collectively posted the same snapchat, claiming that it was from this day and that Louis and Zayn where going to LA, which made people..confused.

Harry in Osaka, Japan. ( rumored to be clubbing in the evening.)
Louis (and Zayn) MIA (rumored to be in LA (no pics)).
Before he left, Harry tweeted "Australia, thanks for having us. You were amazing. Thank you to everyone who came to the shows. Hope to see you again soon. All the love".
He also liked a peculiar photo on Liv Tyler's IG of a baby hand with a key holder with a anchor and a rope on it.

Louis tweeted (technically on the 21st) an answer to Liam while drunk, writing "ya shhhhhhhtinky !!.
 The larries lost it over the keyholder-thing. The update accounts wrote a thousand things about Zouis in LA - primarely that they went straight from the airport to a party. Some LA-stalkers implied they had seen Zayn and maybe Louis.
Daily mail wrote an article about Harry going solo.

Harry in Osaka (loads of airport pics). He also went out to eat. Allegedly these pics are from him out in Osaka later in the evening.
Louis MIA (rumored to be in LA. One picture of Zayn in LA was posted on (their publicist) Mike Navarro's IG).

Harry tweeted "日本だいすき." .... Which means "Japan love" according to google translate, but more likely "Love Japan." in reality. He also posted this picture on IG with the caption "the ultimate combination".
AIMH reached 1M rt's. Louis tweeted
happy Birthday to Eden Dora trust right after.
Gemma retweeted a conversation between a little boy and his father about gay marriages right after AIMH hit 1M. Fizzy posted a string of emoji's a the maybe-phoebe and maybe-daisy both retweeted AIMH.
Then Gemma retweeted BBC talking about same-sex babies being a possibility during the next two years.
Harry followed a Japanese fan.
The fandom went crazy, because the tweet  rt's exellerated SO fast. Larries celebrated when it hit 1M. Because it was 4 years since the "it's mutual, we've discussed it"-video, an 'anniversary' was also celebrated (and somehow Harry's passcode on his phone being 2202 was tied into all that celebrating).
 "1M rt's" and #HappyAnniversaryLarry trended worldwide.
Larries went even more crazy because of especially Gemmas retweets.

Elounor shippers tried to trend #LouisDeleteAlwaysInMyHeart and the tag was basically just filled with death threats to larries. They didn't succeed in trending the tag. posted an article about Harry liking Nadine for her independence. It talks about harry wanting to shed his womanizer image because he's serious about Nadine. The source is a mysterious source-type person.
...And daily mail was weird an posted an article about none of the other members tweeting about Zayn being sick, so therefore being bad friends. Aight.

Louis (and zayn) finally arrived to Osaka (loads of video + pics)(this might give you an idea og just HOW late they arrived compared to their next show). Louis MIA before that.  he was rumored to be out clubbing. No pics, though...
Harry was just...strolling around in Osaka (good amount of fan pics).He also ate at a restaurant with Cal and got mobbed...

Harry tweeted "おおさか、がんばります!" which means "Osaka, i will do my best!".
Louis tweeted that he was looking forward to the show.
Yahoo posted an article about AIMH reaching 1M.
Sugarscape linked to this post on their twitter several times in celebration of AIMH reaching 1M.

Both together at their first show in Osaka, Japan. Some interaction during the show. MIA during the day. Louis was rumored to be out clubbing. No pics, though.
Louis tweeted twice about Ruby's fund.

Nothing in particular out of the ordinary happened in the fandom, i don't think. Update accounts were fighting a little about whether or not Harry was out clubbing with the rest of the band.

H and L together at second show in Osaka. They left Osaka sometime that night, without pictures.
Harry tweeted " おおさか、おおきに" which is a way of saying "Thank you, Osaka".He also posted this picture on IG with the caption "thou shalt have a fishy when the boat comes in". He then two times to get people to vote for the brits, and once to thank people for doing so. Louis also tweeted about the brits twice and Eden Dora trust once.
The fandom stopped talked about 1D and started talking about the little black/blue/white/gold dress.

H and L both in Tokyo (harry in fan pics, louis MIA - both rumored to be clubbing briefly in the evening with the other boys).

Harry thanked people on twitter again for voting for the brits. He also tweeted "さいたま、がんばります!" which means "Saitama, i will do my best!".

He also posted a photo on IG earlier in the day with the caption "My winding wheel" which is a reference to a song by Ryan Adams. (There is a lot going on with that post, including the two pairs of shoes in the lower left corner. Read my post about it.) He then followed a fan on twitter he'd apparently met three times in Japan.
The larries talked about the two shoes in Harry's G post... And that's pretty much it.
People talked about the dress...........

Harry and Louis both in Tokyo. Louis MIA during the day. Harry visited Louis Vuitton (and took fan pics)

 OTRA show in Tokyo with some shared looks, usual staring through night changes and You & I. Harry yelled "LOUEEH!" without a microphone and Louis responded "OiOi!"
Harry posted this picture on IG with the caption "Tokyo". Louis posted a selfie with a fan in a Donny shirt.
Cambio posted an article about Harry and  Nadine. It talks about whether she will join the boys on tour or not, which their "source-y person" says she will.

OTRA show in tokyo.
Louis and Harry both in Tokyo, clubbing with Zayn and Lottie (pics of them seperately arriving at the club). Liam and Niall might have joined, as there are pics of Lilo at the club H, L and Z were seen entering.

Louis tweeted about the shows in Japan being great at answered a update account who tweeted him in Japanese.
Larries went crazy because H and L were confirmed to be socially engaging in public - and for the first time in a long time with a picture to prove it.

Note: This is not entirely done yet. I'm missing some media-stuff, but i've finished the social media and location stuff.
I am working on January, a little more than halfway done. The March timeline will be posted when we're more than 3 days in :).

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