Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Heathrow L+H 03.03

 Both H and L ended up showing at Heathrow:

And jesus christ, They look like fucking angels (today more than usually.)

No one technically knows who flew together.
Harry left the airport, then liam left and then Louis and Zayn left together, followed by Niall.
But Louis and Zayn didn't necessarily fly alone together, as there are also pictures of Zayn and Liam together before they went to were paps and the fans were. And Louis and Liam. Also, the man with the hat in the pics of Harry are in these pics of Louis.
All of the boys ended  up arriving at Heathrow and I'm thinking they probably all flew together, so technically this is somewhat of a Lairport 2.0, just not as exiting...
But I feel like we might slowly be introduced to the idea of H and L socially interaction and taking flights together, going out dining and clubbing together with friend et cetera...

Things could get exiting.
In seperate news, Mr.X has returned, with an actual single made of actual music about H&L that will come out on March 10th.

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