Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Possible line of events during break

I thought i'd give my bet on what's possibly going to happen during the break, just because i'm bored.

Things we have been told about H and L's destination:
-4/5 had left tokyo according to update accounts early this morning. Harry was reported MIA. (no reports of when they left)
- Jay tweeted that Louis was going home and would arrive today. So did update accounts.
-Update accounts are now saying Harry is in London and that "some of the boys" have arrived at"their destination"

Theory 1:
Louis and Harry flew together to London and we get a Lairport 2.0 (probably with less press exposure). This would fall into the narrative of them being in the middle of a seeding process, having noticable events happen at the start of each month to ease in the narrative.
There is a chance that if this is true, Louis will be exposed to some minor bearding, but not neccesarily, since the Eleanor-is-in-LA narrative is being pushed by newspapers and update accounts.

Theory 2:
Louis didn't go to London and neither did Harry. Jay covered for Louis with her tweets and both Harry and Louis went to LA.
If this is true, Louis would be MIA and then suddenly show up in LA, his presence there being excused by Eleanor.
The only weird thing in this theory, is that there would be no reason of saying Harry went to London then, except if was for him going MIA and staying that way when L went to LA, thus making it look like they weren't together.

Theory 3:

Harry went to LA and Louis went home. This narrative has a problem, because there would be no sense in update accounts saying Harry is going to London at the same time as Louis. I am including this theory because some people seems to think this is what's going to happen.

Theory 4:
Louis and Harry travelled seperately to London and Eleanor is going to come home from LA to spend time with Louis. This would make sense if you believe 1D are not in the process of changing management and they are still trying to beard both Louis and Harry as much as possible. Harry's presence in London is PR-related if this theory is true.

...There's more theories probably. Personally i believe in the first one is the most reliable. I don't think we'll get a lairport 2.0 with as much openness and press, but maybe, just maybe this is another step in the seeding-proces and they wont try to hide them flying together.

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