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April Timeline/ Recap

Harry tweeted this.  Then he posted this. Lottie liked the photo. Then he said he looked forward to the concert.
The mirror wrote a story (and a tweet) about I Wont Mind being a 1D reject tune, and Louis denied it pretty blatantly
 Louis also said he looked forward to the concert. Twice.
there were zerrie pics and selfie on ig.
OTRA show in Cape town. No wifi at the stadium, so there were limited pics and videos during the show. (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x)
Daily Mail wrote about Zayn loosing followers after NB leaked I Wont Mind. They also wrote about Olly Murs being saved by modest, basically.
Apparently Louis went out clubbing after the show. He looked pretty on a hotel balcony during the day (x,x,x).

Both in Dubai, but MIA.
Louis posted a video from stage on IG. Harry was in it.
Then he tweeted that he was on a plane, so he was likely on his way to Dubai. Fizzy was a giant troll..Like woah.
The advocate wrote about Larry fan-art.

Both in Dubai, Harry MIA, Louis out clubbing at night (x). Liam and Niall apparently not so much.

Billboard wrote about money and 1D, basically.
Harry tweeted this. Matty (Selley) followed Louis on IG.
Dan Wootton announced a 1D OT4 exclusive...The it came out and well. All the love. he's been on twitter.

Louis' family joined him in Dubai.The twins were bicycling around at the concert, hah. (x)
The he added Jay as a director of 78 productions.
Louis tweeted he looked forward to the show. He also tweeted this (x).
OTRA show in Dubai.(x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). Apparently a barrier broke and they had to stop the concert for about 10 minutes (x,x). There was a lot of  pics and vids during the show (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,)
Apparently Louis and Harry talked and went backstage together. (x,x)
Harry also undressed a man on stage, so there's that. (x)
Josh posted a pic on IG of him and his drums and RBB !
Louis followed calvin and vice versa. 
Louis went out clubing after the show (x). (and alberto (x))
Apparently Harry did too.. (x).

First day of break. godddd.
Harry and Louis both in Dubai. Harry MIA  unless this photo (x) was from this day - it was posted by a IG account that also tagged skydive_dubai. (it's basically irrelevant to me. The important thing is that it was released now by some UAs that wouldn't previously have connected Louis and Harry in the same place). also (x).
And i am exited, because things happened like i wanted them too. Sorry if i sound exited.
Niall and Liam left Dubai together and went home (x) and security told the fans at the airport in London that Louis and Harry wouldn't be coming home yet (x,x).
Louis' Mum then posted a picture of him and the little Twins on IG and everyone died (x).

Then a fan posted a shirtless Louis-pics and everyone died again (x). Then another fan did the same thing and basically, he met a lot of fans and I wrote this from my grave (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). Also, he had a hickey (x).
Some UAs said that Louis went jet skiing (x).
This picture was for some reason suddenly posted by UAs who claimed is was H, Alberto and L (x,x).
'Louis and Harry' trended worldwide on twitter............(x)
Louis tweeted happy easter (x).

Yahoo wrote about Harry's skills in undressing men (x). It also mentions L&H being in Dubai at the same time and urges Louis to document everything on IG, hah. The Daily Mail made the most beautiful typo of all time (x).
Harry went to LA. (x)

Louis tweeted about the tour ending (x), then  posted two photos on IG (x,x), then tweeted two fans! (x,x). Then he tweeted about Dominos (x). Harry tweeted at the same time (which was 4:30 LA time btw) (x). Then Louis tweeted again (x,x). Then he followed Liam an some other accounts on IG (x,x).
Some articles were written about Liam and Niall arriving at Heathrow without Harry and Louis (x). 
This very nice article was written about Harry (x). 
Louis went back to London (x).
Fizzy liked a picture of Harry and a fan on IG (x).

Harry in LA (x,x), Louis probably in London.
This article was written about Zerrie..(x
This was written about "niall horans"  plane being in trouble (and more importantly, OT4 flying together)(x.x).
#LouisWeWantASelfieWithHarry trended WW on twitter.
Attitude magazine wrote about Rainbow Direction (x). 

Harry MIA ( in LA), Louis shopping in Doncaster with Stan (x).
Inquisitr wrote a lovely article about Harry undressing men and doing charity work (x).
Louis RT'ed a tweet about someone runnning a sponsored marathon for Eden Dore trust.
Phoebe posted a video on IG with Louis' voice in the background (x).

Harry MIA (in LA). Louis was in Doncaster (and 5'9" ASDFGKBJ) (x,x,x,x,x)
Anne was proud of H (x). Eleanor unfollowed Louis on IG. Louis posted a pic with Stan (x).
A very crazy very Larry AF commercial aired in argentina...... O_O (x). The guy who directed it is all sorts of fun (x,x,x).
A cute old fan picture suddenly showed up (x).

Harry in LA (x). Louis in Doncaster (x).
Gemma posted a photo with Harry (x).
MODEST REMOVED 1D FROM THEIR WEBPAGE (x,x). The their servers broke because people were checking it for updates...The website was down for 15  hours, then 1D was back on it again.
now magazine said that their publicist said that they still worked together (x)...which ??????

People were kinda speculating the source of all this (x). (this was kinda confirmed.. or. Everyone sorta big got anons at the same time and no one talked about it before. Nor on twitter nor on tumblr)
...Michael clifford unfollowed NB which is kind of irrelevant, but fun no less.
The M!M story got picked up by Hollywood Take and the entire article is basically about the many reasons why the 1D fandom hates modest!, including the closeting (x). Metro wrote about it too ( but they're idiots and said 'record label') (x). Music Times picked up the story too (x). So did Sugarscape (x). And popcrush (x).
Cambio wrote about the coca cola Larry commercial (and they're so confused it's glorious) (x). So did sugarscape (x).

The fandom discovered that Eleanor and Max started a company together with their shipname and im cackling omfg (x).
Louis went clubbing (at Libertine Nightclub) in London at night (x,x,x,x)

Louis in London (BITB) and manchester (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). (there were loads of pics of Lousi clubbing which came out later (x,x,x,x,x,x).
Harry in LA (looking fab, but hiding (?) his arm and with a bandaged finger (?)) (x,x,x). He might have went to coachella at night (x).

Anne congratulated Harry on his 5-year-since-auditions (x). #/5YearsSinceHarrysAudition and 'Isn't she lovely' trended ww on twitter. Harry tweeted about it too and AWWWWW (x).
Ben Winston started following Louis on IG (x).

Inquisitr wrote about the Larry coke commercial (there's a lot of  larrie-ridiculing and misinformation in this one, be warned) (x).
Louis' NB comment was printed in Billboard (x).

Louis in Manchester (x,). He was papped leaving his hotel there (x,x,x,x,x). Harry in LA (x,x,x).
Metro wrote about Louis maybe being a judge on TXF (x). So did The Mirror (x).

A Manchester based paper wrote about Louis meeting a blogger (x).
Louis uploaded a photo on IG (x).

Louis UK, Harry LA

Modest changed their 1D-page on their website and removed Zayn (no, really, there's no mentions of him at all now)(x).
Crew posted pics from 22.02.15 on IG (x,x,x)
Metro wrote about Louis gping out on the 11th (x)
Liam tweeted this (x).
Louis also tweeted (x).

Then Louis uploaded a photo on IG (x). Matty and Jay liked it (x).
Niall commented on it (x).
A guy no one knew existed was there, and he was a little interesting (x).

#OhNoNiall trended ww on twitter.
It was kinda confirmed that Zayn wold be at the asian awards (x).
The Mirror wrote about Louis talking to a girl (yes really) (x). So did Now Magazine (x).
The girl had some things to say about her meeting Louis that was way more interesting than the article though (x). The girl with the blog who made the post about the girl also said stuff, and this post (x) sums it up pretty well.

Entertainment weekly wrote about the new OT4 pic on M!Ms website and threw in some larry...(x)
In general the media wrote a lot of article about that one new picture, which..? (x). Billboard started it (x). Andpop wrote about it (x). So did Cosmopolitan (x), Volture (x), popcrush (x), musictimes (x), Independent (kinda a lot of topics in this one) (x),
Sugarscape found a boy that looked like Larry's lovechild and omfg (x).

Harry in LA (x,x,x,x,x,x,x), Louis in Uk ( london?)

More articles about m!m being bad and the boys looking sad. SkyNews (x), Today (x),People (x), CBS News (??) (x). (here's a summed up list of articles about the sad-pic (x))
Louis tweeted about writing (with liam) (x,x,x)
He also tweeted some other stuff (x). Both H and L did stuff on IG (x,x).

New York Times wrote a brilliant profile on Irving Azoff (x). Billborad wrote about the writing of the new album (x).

Louis in London (club Cirque) (x,x,x,x,x,x). Andy was there, and UAs said that Liam was too (x). Harry in LA (At a dinner place called Cecconi's papped for the first in a gazillion years...with a blue bandana) (x,x,x,x,x,x).
Wales online wrote about a livestream (not of the concert (x).
Louis followed some people on IG (x). He also tweeted (x). Niall tweeted about bbq too (x). Harry faved a tweet (wtf? ._.) (x). Louis tweeted again (x). And again (aww) (x,x).
Billboard wrote a story about Ed Sheeran's comment on Harry's junk and wtf (x).
NB was being childish again (x,x).

The Guardian wrote a kinda ridic article about the OT4 pic (but they have a point with the lack of OT4 interaction... wonder why ha) (x).
Simon Cowell talked about Zayn leaving...(x).

Daily Mail wrote about Louis and blondes... (x).
Yahoo wrote aboutthe blue bandana lmao (x).
Harry posted a photo on IG, probably form the night before (x).

Louis (+Jay) was with Niall (+Melly) and Liam (+Sophia) at the Great Gatsby Ball (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,). (oh and Sophia looked ahhmahzing (x,x,) And maybe preston was there ? (x),x).
Wikileaks published sony leak stuff in searchable format and woah (x,x,x,x,)
Daily Mail wrote about OT3 and Harry in LA (x).
Zayn pierced his nostrils........(x).

Louis was out somewhere (in London) (x,x,x,x,x,x). Harry in LA (x).

Yahoo wrote about the Trekstock event (x). Billboard wrote about Simon (cowell)'s comments on Zayn leaving (x). So did People (x).
Harry liked a photo on ig (x). Sam Smith followed Louis on twitter (x). Louis posted a photo on IG (x).
Billboard wrote about Zayns nostrils..(x). And the guy who wanted Harry in his music video (x).
This nice article about AMSGE (Azoff MSG Entertainment) was published by Forbes (x).
Zayn cut off his majestic hair and still looked inhumanely gorgeous. The relevant part is, he was the asian awards (with his mum (and preston wtf??)) (x,x,x,x,x,
).He said some cute stuff (x). Fyi, simon jones was there with him too.

Billboard wrote about it (x).
Dan Wootton was a dick and announced an article about Louis in The Sun - Bizarre on the 18th (x).

...but then the article came out an Louis announced the start of his new record company, so everything was amazing and YAYYY (x).

People picked up the story about Louis' company (x).The mirror wrote about the girls Louis didn't bring home wtf (x).  
The girl (who is apparently a friend of Calvins) was laughing about the whole thing in a larry-ish way haha (x). Harry showed up with a new tattoo on his thigh (in a very weird photo on Chelsea Handlers IG LOL haha) (x,x).
Jay tweeted about78 productions and Louis (x). Jack Walton thanked people for the support (x).

JustJared wrote about the upcoming album (and louis) (x). People wrote about Harrys thigh tattoo and the harry bottoms lol (x).
Niall tweeted about a good day with Lilo (x). Jay tweeted about Louis (x). She also tweeted a fan (x). Trekstock wanted to know what H's new tattoo was (x).
Billboard wrote about Harry's tattoo (x).
I didn't pay attention to this mess, but apparently Zayn did not make a sex tape but people thought he did...... (x).

I laughed a lot because The Sun wrote about Harry and Chelsea Handler and lololol(x). The Independent wrote about 78 productions (x). So did mtv (x). Time wrote about Zayn at the asian awards (x).

Louis tweeted about the game (x,x).
Jay tweetd a cute photo (x).

Then he arrived at the stadium (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). He did meet and greet's (x,x,x,x,x). And met some children through  Bluebell wood (x). Basically, he did a lot of stuff before he even got in his kit (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,). But then he did get in his kit and omfg (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). Liam was there (x).
Then the game started (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). And there was a Lilo selfie! (x). And more (x,x,x,x,x,x). Doris and Ernest looked very cute (x). Apparently keith was a little distressed (x).

Louis tweeted twice after the game (x,x).
#GoodLuckLouis trended ww on twitter.

MailOnline wrote about Louis (x). Then they wrote about Football Louis (x).

Harry in LA (x,x,x,x,x). (he wasn't with his family, but cal). Louis MIA.

Louis tweeted...(x). Zayn tweeted for the first time since "i am 22 years old" (x).
Chelsea Handler and Irving Azoff were shading The Sun HAHA (x).

Yahoo wrote about the Harry-mascot, lol (x).Daily News had a fun headline about Chelsea handler and the harry bottoms (btw read the comments.  It's hilarious, everyone is fucked up... Very close to 100% drunk typing) (x).

People wrote about Zayn's tweets (x). NME wrote about Louis company (x).
Louis was tagged in a flying-photo on Ricardo-guys IG (x,x).

Both MIA.
Billboard finally wrote about 78 productions (x). So did Hollywood Reporter (x), Entertainment Weekly (x) and Music Times (x). Gryles was denied (x).
These pics from H's bday suddenly appeared (x).
 @OneDirection changed their profile picture (x).
A guy that's been working with promoting Louis in clubs tweeted plane stuff that may/ may not be relevant (x). Gay Times Magazine wrote an article about charity with Liam and Harry (x). Yahoo wrote about the Gryles denial (x,x).

H MIA. Louis in London. He was papped leaving a hotel, arriving at a club, leaving the club and arriving at the hotel again... (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). He was also very drunk.Hah (x,x).
Harry liked some photos on IG (x). Then he tweeted (x).
Weird tabloids wrote about Louis' penis and i'm not even including links because it was weird and wrong. Louis posted a photo with 'Neil' on IG (x). It was probably from the 21st (x).

Louis' promo-clubbing-guy tweeted a picture of him (x). He posted it, then deleted it, then posted it and deleted it again.

Harry MIA (Maybe this fan pic is from the 23rd?) . Louis got out of his hotel in the morning, then MIA.
Mail online wrote about Louis and "5 girls" (x). So did Yahoo, in as lightly less serious tone (x). So did some other UK outlets. Daily Mail then wrote about the girls 'walk of shame'... (x). The Sun wrote about Louis rolling a joint (x). Billboard wrote about the paps annoying Louis (x). Rita Ora posted a very beautiful (old) picture of Harry and Daily Mail wrote about it (x).

Harry in LA (x,x). Louis MIA.
Lots of focus on Louis and the joint and the 5 girls in the media. I wasn't really able to link every article because i had stuff to do on this day, but (x,x,x,x).  Billboard didn't include the girls in the article. TMZ did, but didn't push the womanizer-thing. DM really did. In general, UK media focused on joints and the girls and scandals, US focused on joint and not really that scandalous and Louis being angry at paps (but who can  blame him?).
The story originated from Daily Mail, who had snapchats from someone who spend the night partying with Louis (x).
Apparently, Niall and Liam became the new clean living idols (x).
Now magazine wrote about how Simon Cowell got angry because of the joint and i laughed a lot (x).
(everyone was kinda confused... about everything bc no one cares about the joint and no one  believes the womanizer-Louis image (x) and the origins of the story is shady af (x,x))
Niall and Liam were writing. Calvin was apparently there and people saw Louis too (x,x).
Billboard wrote about Lance Bass' comments on 1D and Harry (x).
Harry and Ed had a weird twitter convo (x). Harry rt'ed courtney cox (who's managed by azoff) (x). A Modest! employee followed Lewis Jones on IG (x).

Louis in London (x,x,x). Harry in Malibu with Glenne (x).

The Sun wrote some more fan fiction (x,x). Daily Mail did too (x).
Harry liked some pics on IG (x). Anne posted a picture of laundry in rainbow colors (x).
Liam announced he was going to announce some 'big news for fans' on the 27th (x).
The fandom noticed that Preston's daughter is a larrie (x,x)

Louis followed a larrie on twitter (she was at his charity game) (x).

Louis was (with Lim and Niall) in a studio in London (x). H in LA.

There was fun pics on the screen at a Ed sheeran concert (x,x). Harry's shoes was tagged on a IG photo with Glenne (x). (the situation was a bit weird btw, snce Glenne's IG is private, but she posted a link to the photo on twitter and made the photo public before deleting it again/ making it private.)
The shoes were amazing btw (x). He was also in another pic (x), probably (maybe?) from the 25th.
Harry tweeted about Nepal (x,x). This isn't really relevant, it's just funny, but Eleanor started tweeting again (x). Annas (the club-promo/ image guy) tweeted about maybe going to US for work (x), so people speculated about Louis going with him (to LA).
Johannah tweeted the larrie and fan who Louis followed after she was at the game (x). She also postd a photo of Louis, Lottie and herself backstage in Dubai (x) and followed Preston on IG (x).Louis followed some fans, a lot of larries.
This is unrelated to larry, But Niall and Melissa were papped clubbing (with Annas) and i thought they were cute  (x).
Yahoo wrote about Preston's comment on The Sun's fanfiction (x). Cambio was being hilarious HAHHAHA(x,x).

Louis at a studio in London (x,x,x,x). Harry in LA (x).(fun fact: the creepy pic came from Spencer from P!ATD who uploaded it on IG and i laughed despite the creepyness (x)). He also drove around looking very pretty (x,x,x). Some fans also took some pics (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x).
Louis tweeted about the earthquake in Nepal (x).
Liam anounced that 1D would be performing at Summertime ball (x) (the host also said something about Harry and acting, but i think he was kinda joking. People took it kinda seriously though, that's why i'm adding it).
The Sun wrote more about Louis' night out and Nelly (x) (nelly was also in Independ3nt wo said it was 'official'(x)). Heatworld wrote about Jay in 78 productions (x).

Unrelated to Larry, but just highlighting the shady fuckery of this band/ secret society, the fandom discovered that Melissa is connected to a model management with the same adress as modest! and oh my god can they ever do anything right (no) (x).
Daily Mail wrote about Louis (x).

Louis MIA. H in LA (x).
Harry tweeted a fan good luck with her surgery (x).
Billboard wrote about the new album (x). They also wrote about Meghan Trainor and Harry's writing sesh (x). People wrote about the new album too (x). Weird thing about that article was that they initially posted the article mentioning Harry in LA in a weird way, then took down the article and posted it again, deleting  half of the sentence mentioning H in LA (x). Maximum Pop did a interview with Harry's tattoo artist (x).
Unreality TV wrote about H and L teaming up for the Nepal charity (x).

Louis (jay probably...echofon) tweeted about Ruby's fund (x). One of the security (? body?) guards tweeted about Louis and included a pic of Lewis Jones...ew (x). @Onedirection posted a throwback pic from Dubai of H, L and Liam (x).
I'm including this because WAT.THE.FUK (x).

Both MIA.

Gemma reblogged an anti-bullying mesage from a lgbtq+ account on tumblr (x,x). She reblogged it from an account simply named 'pride' and i thought it was nice.(fun fact: Melly reblogged it from Gemma afterwards (x))
I died laughing because Coca Cola Mexico published a promo video of Nouis and omfg HAHAHA (x,x,x).

Both MIA. A fan pic was posted of Harry from LA but no specified date (x).
Louis tweeted about writing (x). Harry learned how to say walkie talkie in french (x).
The Mirror wrote about Niall an Liam writting and ended with a nice speculation about H and L's location(s) (x). Debrief wrote about Louis being the new harry Styles lmao (x). Gossip Cop denied the rumors of Harry leaving (x). The Sun wrote a horrible 'article' comparing Nadine to a car (and calling her Harry's girlfriend...) (x).
Unrelated, Zayn removed the 1D from his twitter name (x).

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