Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May 2015 Timeline/ Recap

Harry in LA (x,x). Maybe Nick (Grimmy) was there (x). Louis MIA.
Maybe he went out clubbing (x).

Anne rt'ed Harry (x). Then she did promo for a lipstick for guys and girls (x).
Billboard wrote about the richest bands of 2014, 1D was no.1 (x,x). The Sun wrote about 1D merch in prisons (x). Des tweeted about speaking to Harry in a sort of cryptic way (x).
Calvin followed a Larrie (x).

Harry was probably clubbing in LA (with Grimmy?) (x). Louis MIA (but x, (dude's from LA)).
Harry tweeted about Steve Martin and a banjo (x).
Inquistr wrote about Louis' financial situation and 1D being rich (x). Daily Mail wrote about Harry and his car (x).

Louis MIA. Harry MIA. (he was facetiming with a London based Make-up artist though (x))
For some weird reason, The Sun interviewed one of the girls from April's suspicious cigarette/ 5-girls-gate .... And a 'spokesperson' denied that Louis slept with any of them, and further denied Louis' knowledge of the ecstasy, which i thought was quite the change (x,x).
Calvin tweeted something that could mean he was going to LA (x). He apparently also posted a snapchat from a hotel (x).
Louis started following Beckham on IG (x). Harry liked a photo on IG (x).
Fizzy was being awkward on IG liking pics of daddy harry on a profile with a peculiar profile pic (x).
Liam went to LA (x).(tags are important.... -.-)
The Annas guy had Niall out clubbing in the UK, but tweeted about LA too (x). There was a nice rumor going around (x,x).

Harry MIA. Louis 'arrived' publicly in LA - the pics of Louis were taken (by fans) at the same time the (pap) pictures of Liam arriving were released, even though they didn't arrive at the same time (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,). There was a lot of pics (and none of them are in any logical order because I'm tired) (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,). Calvin and Oli were apparently there before Louis. And (x,x,x,x,x,x). (btw alberto, who was escorting him out of the airport, have been in LA for a couple of weeks at least). Fun fact: the author of the book followed him and tweeted about it right after (x). He was just being cute in general (x). Louis followed him back later yayyy (x). The he commented on Calvin's IG photo (x).
Harry liked a photo on IG right after Louis publicly arrived (x).
Louis was in Doncaster Rovers' program (x).
I don't even know what this is, but it was released by Coca Cola (x).

UA's were spreading nice rumors for once (x,x). Louis went clubbing and was papped at Argyle club (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,). (fan report x). Harry MIA.
This picture (x) suddenly appeared on the 10th (same girls at that night fyi, they are probs friends (x))

Annas had tweeted that 'everyone' should come to the club earlier because of a special guest.
It was announced through People that the boys would appear on the Late Late show with James Corden on the 14th (x,x). Billboard wrote about it too (x). So did Bustle (x), CBS (x), Yahoo (x), Time (x) and Rolling Stone (x).
Ben Winston tweeted about it (x).
Inquisitr wrote and article about Louis and 78 productions where they seriously used a random Larrie on IG as a source instead of checking themselves (x). At least the larrie was right, but.
The mirror wrote about Liam arriving in LA, strong emphasis on the fact that he flew alone (x).
Calvin posted some photos from LA (x,x). Beckham started following Harry on IG (x).
Noel Gallagher, very surprisingly, did not throw (that much) shade at 1D (but went wild on critisizing Zayn) when asked about their supposed new Oasis-y sound (x).

H & L both MIA (in LA)
Daily Mail wrote about Louis clubbing on the 5th (x).
Harry was being cute liking photos on IG (x).
Louis and Zayn+ NB had a twitter feud. It was ridiculous. Liam posted a video of a 'fifth member' as a joke (x). Then Naughty Boy responded and Zayn RT'him (x). All hell broke loose (x).
Zaughty Boy's entire crew got involved and oh lord (x,x)
Johannah didn't understand (x). Anne might also have referenced it (x). Lottie had Louis' back and faved some appropriate responses (x,x). Stan was being funny (x).
Zayn lost 50K followers and Louis gained 25K during the first 5 hours after the fight (x,x). Zayn lost more than 100K followers in total on the 6th, steadily loosing followers as i'm writing this (x). Louis gained about 50K followers in the same time frame.
(horrible speculation: Zayn also tweeted referencing a song (x) after Liam posted the video and i don't even know how to comment on the lyrics (x))
Naughty boy kept being childish, and had a go at Noel Gallagher for mentioning 1D. Yes, for real (x).
It seems that Sam smith wasn't happy with being included in NB's rant (x,x,x). (fun fact: he also followed Noel Gallagher after NB right after threw shade at him)
Billboard (x), People (x), Daily Mail (x), Time (x), MTV, Huff. Post, EW news,  (x), The Sun (x) and BBC news (x) wrote about it. In fact,A LOT of news outlets did (x).
The sun also promised a two page spread in print on the 7th (x).
(mental note to hate The Version forever (x))
This article is shit but the headline is priceless lmao (x).

H MIA in LA. Louis at a studio in LA
(x) . (@ one direction tweeted that the entire band was in the studio, but Niall was in UK so hard to tell who was actually there)
Louis went clubbing at Supperclub at night (x,x).

Annas tweeted about another club (x), might be related, might not and Louis might actually just have gone clubbing for fun (what is this life)
Zayn continued the fight, apparently not understanding why people didn't like him supporting an online bully who continuously has talked shit about fans and also insulted what was supposed to be one of his best mates in the lowest way possible and also, he still didn't get that none of anything was about him and so i officially lost my chill (x). (sorry)
Louis ignored him and thanked the fans (x).
(Perez Hilton was being reasonable for once (x))
Jerry The Lamp Guy lost his chill on several occasions about the twitter feud (x). Zayn's follower count was still going down steadily and Louis' followers still increased (x).
Yahoo wrote about it(x).
I am not including all the articles (far from it actually) about the twitter feud, just some, like Cosmopolitians, which was quite funny (x). And a list of articles and who they side with (x).
BBC tweeted about a 1D fanart contest which was weird because they deleted it again and 1D isn't confirmed to be at the BBMA's (x).
Harry tweeted (x). Then he tweeted again (x). Then he tweeted a fan (x) and followed another fan (x).
A photo from Jeff's birthday showed up, and Harry and Irving wrote fun stuff on 'Jeff''s pants (x).
I don't know why the Gallagher brothers has been in this timeline so many times, but they were fighting about 1D for some strange reason (x).
Gemma reblogged a photo (x) from a movie called J ai tué ma mère/ I killed my mother (x)...and yeah.

H was at a concert (x) in LA (x) at the Troubadour (x,x,x,x). He appears to have been with James Corden, Julia,  Glenne, Jeff and the performers' husband, Nathan Followill (x). (so basically, he went to a concert with three couples)
A girl met him after the concert where his eyes were fuzzy (x). Him and his glorious hair went to Madeo's after (before?) the concert (still with Glenne and Jeff and James and Julia) (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x)
A fan was exited that he kept her gift and wore it and i thought it was cute (x).
L & H might both have been in the studio with Liam (x).
 The Sun wrote an article about how H is mad at L and how H isn't mad a L... Honestly (x).Mirror reworded the article (not really, they changed the positions of the words but) (x). Huffington Post quoted Dan's headline and wrote an article about it too (x). Yahoo wrote about it in a bit of a different tone (x).
That became even more hilarious when Dan Wootton got damn angry about yahoo "copying" his story (x) when it was actually The Mirror who did and Yahoo just disagreed with his shitty narrative. I laughed a lot.
Annas guy followed two larries (x).
Billboard confirmed  that 1D would be presenting at the awards (x,x). us magazine wrote about it (x).This is not particularly on this exact date, but worshippedlove made a post about how @ onedirection has almost only tweets scheduled tweets for the past few weeks (x).
Jerry The Lamp Guy was still in utter distress (x).
Billboard wrote about a guy from Foreigner who apparently likes 1D (x).

Harry MIA in LA.
Louis (and Calvin and Oli (who were having a happy time (x))) went clubbing with Liam (and Andy) (x,x,x) at night at Project LA (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x) (annas tweeted about the club before they went (x))
Also 1-2-3 FUCK NAUGHTY BOY (x).

I didn't know this (x).
I don't even know wtf this article is but i was laughing (x).

Liam posted photos of Louis ((and billboard) and a car with stuff (the night changes bear!) on it hahaha) (x,x,x). Harry was probably there with them, or at least his car was (x,x) (or, like, maybe... all range rovers kinda looks the same).
Also, the car with stuff on it is Niall's  (x).

Naughty (/ROAR-ty) Boy was interviewed by The Sun and i was crying-laughing (x).
Louis tweeted (x,x,x)... the 'roar' one was after the NB interview was released.

Harry was with Glenne and Jeff (and Nick?) in LA too at some point (x,x,x).
TMZ wrote a silly article (x).JustJared Wrote about Lilo clubbing (x)
Fizzy started following Harry and Liam on IG (x)

Harry in LA (x). Louis in LA (with the girls he'd been with all week and calvin and oli), at Snoop Dogs album release party at DBA Hollywood (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,).  He was being cute with a pap, which was weird haha (x).
Liam (and Andy) was there as well (x,x,x).

They were all together filming a skit with James Corden, according to James Corden.
No Control DIY project was started (x,x,x).
The Sun wrote about Harry meeting Mick Jagger (x).

Harry in LA at a gym (x).
No control was already at #1 on billboard (x). (Billboard #140 is based on twitter activity, mentions, trends and so forth) Billboard tweeted about it (x).
Stephanie wrote about the fan project on yahoo (x). Maximumpop picked up the story too (x). There was a lot of support in general (and a lot of confused radio hosts asking why everyone sudenly asked for the same song HAHA)(x,x,)

Louis followed one of the radio guys that promised to play No Control (x,x). The guy noticed, ha (x).
Louis tweeted about No Control being #1 on BB140 YAYYY (x). Niall rt'ed it (x).
Julian also approved (x).
Simon Jones faved a very true tweet lmao (x)
Louis followed Billboard on twitter (x).

Yahoo wrote about a rumor of Harry's "new girlfriend"... I honestly didn't notice the rumor before the article, but the original story came from Heat mag (x). Anyways, her name trended ww on twitter for several hours before a rep through Daily Mail denied Harry even knowing her (x). (LA stalker crew knew her though... which turned out to be because she too is a stalker (not in their crew though... they were creeped out too). She worked together with an UA (@ 1Dupdatersco) to create the story and sell it to Heat Magazine. It was creepy af.(x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,(x,x,x,x,x,x,))
TMZ wrote about Lilo at the snoop dog release party... and blunts (x).
New York Magazine had a very nice article (x).

No control project was going STRONG (x,x,x). It was still #1 on BB trending 140 (x). Grimmy said very nice things and called us a punk-diy movement and made sure to include the fact that it had nothing to do with labels (x). There was so much support (i may have cried) (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). I can't really organize everything, it was a lot to deal with (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). Like, a lot (x,x,x,x,x).
Lady Gagas fandom, The Little Monsters helped because they are awesome (x).
Scott Mills played it and said some words about the project (x,x). Virgin Radio Dubai played it at least twice (x).
People reacted as we hoped and treated it as a (GOOD) single (x,x,x,x,x).
A radio DJ (x) became 1D AF and a larrie before our very eyes (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,). He literally went wild (x) and actually announced a weekly 1D Hour (x,x). He also tried to trend #CamManselNoControlHour because then his boss promised him he could play No Control for an hour (x). It trended in chile.
Speaking of adopted sons, Jerry the Lamp Guy was of course supportive (x). He also decided to make a No Control lamp (x).

The fandom tried to get No Control to be Billboards "Song of the summer".....which...........(x).
BBC R1 wrote about the project (x). Anna (who started the project) was called for an interview by BBC R1 (x,x)

MTV wrote about it too (x). So did capital fm (x), The Mirror (x), Sugarscape (x) and OK! (x).
The project was talked about on BBC news (x).

IHeartRadio supported it (x). Smallzy on Nova 96.9 talked a bit about it (x).
No Control was at #1 on "BB Trending 140 - last 24 hours" (x).
Harry posted a photo on IG (x).
Louis followed one of the nice DJs!  (x) (IT'S THE HOT AUSTRALIAN CARPET INTERVIEW GUY).
Jay tweeted about no control (x). Matty Selley tweeted about it too (x). Ben Winston did too.. (x). And PizzaHut (x).
Julian was  proud bc finally proper promo (x). He als rt'ed another Sony employee who also had no controool (x).
#wewantnocontrolasasingle was still trending ww (at #1 a lot of the time)

The Sun wrote about the oh-no-Niall prank (x).
Yahoo wrote about Project No Control again (x).
(niall was at the BMI awards alone (he met cher (x))
Late Late Show wasn't sure about Harry and James' ship name (x).
I Don't know how this happened but it did (x).
Lottie went to LA (probably to help at th late late show)

soooo much to recap.
First part is aaaalll about No Control:

Project No Control was still going strong (x,x,x,x,x,x,x). it was still overwhelming (x,x,x,x).

#NoControlCampaignPH was trending at #1 ww. #ProjectNoControlGermany was trending at #1 in Germany (x).
Pornhub supported us, haha (x).
A singapore radio station was the first to officially put No Control on rotation! (x).

 It was officially the ninth largest project on thunderclap ever (x). I couldn't keep up and can't include everything that happened, because it was playing at multiple stations at the same time all over the place, basically (x,x,x,x,x,x). It was everywhere (x,x,x,x,x). Really (x,x,x,x,x)
It kind of got to the point that if no one requested the song at certain radio stations, they were weirded out because everyone was playing it (x).

The Thunderclap still had rising numbers (x).It was a featured project on their website (x) and we were the #1 trending campaign on Thunderclap.
Julian, a very nice DJ @ JulianVReal on twitter deserves some recognition for helping us (x).
So does Cam Mansel, another very nice DJ - the one with the 1D hour (x).
Stephanie wrote about him on yahoo, which i though was very nice (x). HE SENT A FUCKING LOVEANDAPPRECIATION ASK ABOUT US (x). If you are reading this, go listen to him.
Matty B is another Nice DJ who also happens to be Larry Af (x).
Jay tweeted about the project again (x).

J-14 tweeted about it (x) and wrote an article (x).
There was more not-a-fan-but... stories (x).
Digital Spy talked to Layne, Sheena, Amy and Lynn and wrote a very nice article about No Control Project (x).
We kept no control at #1 on BB trending 140 24 hours (x).

This part is about everything but the No Control Project:
BBMAs used snapchat to promote the show and it looked as though H and L would be sitting next to each other (x).

Late Late show was having fun (x). Naughty Boy embarrassed himself (x). I think Grimmy thought he was being a bit snobby (x). I suspect Louis thought it was funny, he tweeted the guy who called him (x). And he answered (x). Naughty boy of course answered too because he's a douche and it should be expected (x)... they kept going for a while. Celebrity Juice wrote about it (x).
there was a wellington quality sneek peek of some kind of coca cola special ??? (x)
Pics of Harry when he arrived to some of the filming (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x)
Louis went clubbing at 1Oak (after the late late show) (x,x). (he might've been with niall, since people wrote about that on the 16th...but: niall was at a james bay concert and people wrote that Louis was in two blubs that  no one actually saw him in on this day, so maybe not? Posts explaining why the article doesn't make much sense: (x,x))
Harry had dinner with (bass player of Guns'n'roses) Duff McKagan's wife and daughter, so probably also him? Al Pacino's girlfriend Lucila Sola and a model manager was there as well (x).

Late Late Show:
Full interview: (x)

Harry tweeted about it (x). Louis posted a photo on IG (x). Liam was all of us (x).
THEY TALKED ABOUT PROJECT NO CONTROL. James also tweeted our hashtag (x). Louis confirmed it was about boners (x) and harrys smirky frog face (x) went wild (x).
They talked about Zayn leaving. Liam said: "We were angry at first, then dissapointed" (x).
It was hashtag confirmed that harry is a juice-dieting, meditating hipster-hippie (x).
James Corden said stuff about Harry's face-to-dildo-experiences (x,x)... Louis agreed (x).
Larry did a wheelbarrow-walk and a ball-high five. I died.

Louis was HAPPY to be 'single'. harry was bad at keeping his face straight.
Entire video : x
Larry did a wheelbarrow-walk and a ball-high five. I died.Louis hugged harry (x)
Random pics from dodgeball: (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,)
The rest of the interview:

random: (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x)
OT4 selfies: (x,x,
x, x ).
No control lyrics and H&L (and Niall) being obvious: (x).

Louis tweeted about the show after it aired (x)

First part is about Project No Control:
#NoControlOnTheDandees trended ww. The Dandees is one og the biggest Indonesian radio station, and they played no control more than once because the fans trended the hashtag.
#Q102HasNoControl trended in the US, because they said they'd put No control on rotation if it did.
Loads of support for the project in general (x,x,x,x,x,x,x).
A LOT of stations tweeted stuff like "ok, directioners, this is getting too much: 1000 RTs and we will put No Control on rotation!"... So A LOT of stations ended up putting it on rotation.
PizzaHut was still supporting us, haha (x).
Wheatus wanted us to play management for them too, haha (x). They also joined the Thunderclap (x) and then just went full no control (x,x,x,x).
No Control was once again at #1 on Billboards Trending 140 list (24 hours) (x).

Buzzfeed wrote/ gif'ed a really nice article about the project (x).
It was FINALLY played on z100 after trending #Z100HasNoControl (x).

The next part is random:

Maximum Pop had a great headline, HAHA (x). People wrote about the Late Late interview (x). And the dodgeball skit (x)... interestingly they wrote: "for some reason the fans on tumblr and twitter got particularly exited about Tomlinson and Styles doing a wheelbarrow during dodgeball training. We wonder why!". MTV wrote about it too (x). Wall Street Journal (x), Time Magazine (x) and Rolling Stone also did (x). E-online wrote about it too (x), calling 1D "the No Control singers": MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Daily mail wrote an absolutely ridiculous article about one of the girls Louis had been hanging out with in LA (x). It was like an all-round sucky article. They mentioned eleanor and even though they also mentioned Late Late show, they failed to notice the entire single!louis part. Also, they made sure to write about how Lilo hangs out, but Louis doesn't spend much time with H and N. It was such a dumb article.
Calvin was being kinda cute and posted a pic with James on IG (oh and james was wearing the tattoo sweater) (x).
#LateLateShowWith1D trended ww for most of the day.
Jay posted a photo on IG describing how blue eyed people are nice............. (x).
A fan posted a photo of louis from this day, but didnt say where it was (x)
UAs weirdly enough claimed that H, L and Liam went clubbing together (x).

BBMAs chose a wonderful photo in their "where are your favs sitting"-page on their website (x).
People wrote about Louis and Niall being out after the late late show (x). (fun fact: both places mentioned had nothing to do with the annas guy and are both visited freqeuently by Harry)
#WeWant1DDayAgain trended ww on twitter. #WeWantIWontMindZayn also trended ww.
THE ENTIRE ALBUM WAS ON BB TRENDING 140. The trending chart looked absolutely INSANE, literally nothing but 1D (x,x,x,x,x). Billboard noticed and tweeted about it (x).
The Sun was drunk and used the actual term Larry Stylinson (x).
Louis, Liam and Niall flew to Vegas. There were stalkers at LAX but they didn't get pics and somebody from 1Ds team had called the cops on them earlier (!!!). There was a few pics from outside the hotel in Vegas (x)
Louis went out at night in Vegas (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x) and was very very cute when he got into a car FULL of people (x)... But appaz he wasn't really aware of those people, so good thing security told him (x).
Niall and Ed (sheeran) was there too, and maybe also Harry and Liam (x). Louis took a selfie with Ed and Calvin (x). Annas planned it all (x,x,x).

No Control Project:
I am giving up on recapping all the support for this. There's too much to recap.
The thunderclap was doing GREAT (x).
#TOMORROWProjectNoControl was trending ww. #BuyNoControlOnItunes was trending in the US.

No Control Played on Britains got more talent (x)
A lot of radio stations played it because we asked. Even more stations put it on rotation.
Where it had reached most of UK, US and Asia previously, it reached Scandinavia and Europe during the 15th/16th.
Louis kept following DJs and radiostations that played no control (x).
Julian was still being supportive (well...since he wrote the song, do you still call it supportive?) (x).
Tumblr had a nice start screen again (x).

Project No Control:
The entire album was still on BB Trending 140 (x).The Trending 140 last 24 hours also looked insane (x).
It was No Control Day! #NoControlDay trended at #1 ww on twitter. There was 4.25 mio. tweets about the trend when it was 5 pm CDT (x). It was still at #1 on shazam (x).
On itunes the charts changed throughout the day (x,x,x,x,x) and it was number 1 in Sweden (x), no.4 in finland (x), no 14 in the Netherlands (x),
Sony Music Singapore (x) and MTV UK supported us (x)
Anne supported the project!! (x). Jay was proud of us too (x). She was also proud of Louis (x).
No Control was trending at #1 on Shazam! (x). It was the 8th biggest Thunderclap project ever. We got the social reach over 50 million (x,x).
YouPorn Was with us hahaha (x).
We got it on Saturday Night Online (x) which meant it played on 140 radio stations  at once (x) !!!
Radio Disney wouldn't play it because the lyrics were inappropriate hahah (x

Billboard really wanted us to know the seating charts (x)... Like, really wanted us to know (x). The girl who got 'left behind' but didn't and who is a friend of Calvin, Louis and Gemma tweeted something quite funny (x)
Harry was still ill, I think. People were frustrated, because he seemed off and so people thought he was angry. (i think he was ill and people had set their hopes yoo high bc of the seating thing)

Liam told him "happyhappyhappy!" as they were taking red carpet photos to make him smile (x). Louis walked off before the paps finished shooting for some reason (x).
Fan report: (x).
List of pics+vids:
Entire video footage of 1D: (x,x)

Red carpet: (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x)(x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x)
Accepting Top Duo/Group award: (x,x,x,x,x,x)
Accepting Top Touring Artist award: (x,x,x,x,x,x)
Backstage: (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x)+ Backstage interviews (Louis mentioned Project No Control again):
Arriving to their seats: (x)
Presenting: (x,x,x,x,x,)
Zayn was watching: (x,x,x)
Niall posted a OT4 selfie from the awards: (x)

Britney fangirled over Harry haha (x)
Harry tweeted after the show (x).  So did Louis -  about the awards, Project No Control (AGAIN) and #OhNoLiam which was trending ww (x). Then about a lad night (x).
Kim and Marco (from Modest!) was sitting right next to them at the awards. Management wasn't thanked in any of the speeches though.

Everything else:
We still had no idea what Harry's tattoo was. Or, more accurately, we had a thousand ideas (x).
The Hollywood Fix had an exclusive with Harry drinking coffee (x). .. also (x)
He arrived kinda late to vegas (In azoff's private jet (with Shelli and Jeff (x)) (x)) (x,x,x)
Naughty Boy was so desperate to have a fight, that he invented a hate tweet to himself and "quoted" it (x).
Louis tweeted (x).

Nouis went out again (x,x). It was the funniest thing, because they were at Taylor and Eds after party - Louis was wearing one of the necklaces (x) from the party (x) and Austin literally just made an IG for so he could post a pic of them (x,x).. He also posted it on twitter and Niall and Taylor rt'ed and evething was weird, but brilliant (x,)
A music guy (sorry i'm not familiar with him) tweeted about them (x) and Niall answered (x).

 Max from the wanted also tweeted Nouis (x)......
Ed tweeted about Tori Kelly's performance and Harry rt'ed (x) and also followed her. Louis also followed her (x). (fun fact: they did it at the same time (x)) (honestly she was absolutely amazing check out her performance (x))

Eleanor faved weird stuff hahahha (x) 

Harry flew back to LA after the awards. He wrote an autograph on a picture where he used Louis' legs as the 'H' (x).

 People wrote about the red carpet interview with E!News (x).
Helene Hørlyck (old vocal coach) tweeted about being with the boys (x). @OneDirection tweeted about red nose day (x).
For some reason there was like a hundred articles about harry grabbing Niall's junk (or "Niall Horan's PENIS") at the BBMAs and i laughed (x).  Louis and Niall was proud of their pool skills (x).
Fans met Louis. He looked kinda tired, but was wearing the jacket a fan gave him a his footie game (x,x,x,x).
Harry had flown off right after the BBMAs and was papped in LA (x). Twice, actually
(x,x).. wearing two different outfits wooo.
Louis also left for LA at the same time as Niall and Liam left for London (x).

Project No Control:
Radio stations still played it. Some people took a little break from tweeting and calling stations, so we fell a little on the charts.
The Itunes charts lookes quite allright anyways though (x). LA Weekly wrote a lovely article about the project (x).
Jay RT'ed a tweet about No Control and Louis (x). Twice, actually (x).
Pizza Hut was still with us (x). Billboard tweeted about the project (x).
Louis followed some radio stations. including one that had kind of live-tweeted larry moments from the BBMAs (x).


Harry was papped AGAIN in LA (x). He was with Calvin (Aurand)(but the only pics i could find where he wasn't cut out had fyz as a 'source' so...well). (Liam and Niall was in London)

Louis was also in LA clubbing at Argyle with Luke (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). Apparently Calvin and Oli were there too, but they left earlier with girls according to fans there.
He was also out for dinner with Jay, Lottie and Dan (x).

Louis followed some of the girls from 5H and 5H's joined account on IG (x) (they were at Taylor and Eds party after BBMAs)... Basically, he followed half loads of a-listers who where probably at the party (x,x).
There was a lot of press about the TayTay party and her guests (x). Daily Mail wrote about it too, and kinda Haylor, but it was all kind of great (x).
Billboard had a beautiful top story about bbmas.. (x).They also wrote about taytays party photo of course (it 'leaked'(austin posted it on his ig) on this day, not on the 17th) (x). 
Heat world seriously seriously wrote more on that Joy Diana Muggli story that had been denied by Simon Jones and un-tangled by the fandom (x). The story was crazy, as they claimed to have an interview with Joys mum.
The best part was when sugarscape picked up the story and had a rep denying it and saying "this is utter nonsense" and claimed that they would take "legal action" (x).
Or maybe the best part was how it only took them 46 minutes to do so (x)

This is the most random piece of info, but Liam followed an account on twitter called "Taylor Swift quotes" and i died laughing (x). Niall liked her photo (x) (but he doesn't follow her).
The picture of nouis+ed+calvinH+taytay was seriously posted all over the place. First, austin created the IG to post it. Then Taylor and Niall retweeted it, and then Niall posted it again (x).

There was another very strange Coca Cola commercial. With Lirry (x).
Louis followed Scooter Braun (manager and record company owner. the bieber-guy) (x). (fun fact: he was also at taytays partay (x)) (extra fun fact: annas also works with bieber (asides from calvin harris, louis and niall whom where all at the party))(extra extra fun fact: that entire party was connected in weird ways (x).. like. weird (x))(also it suddenly made sense why max from the wanted tweeted (x) nouis (x))
Project  No Control
Maximum Pop wrote another article explaining how people could support Project No Control (x). The song was no. 5 on 1Ds spotify (x). Jay RTed another two tweets about the project (x,x).
A radio station tweeted that they had "received a copy" of No Control.... Which made people happy. 

Harry was papped again in LA with Erin Foster (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). Louis was rumored to have been out in LA with luke (x).
Harry went to a 'secret' Rolling Stones gig at night with Ben Winston, James Corden and Jeff Azoff (x,x,x,x,x,x). (This picture have my inner fangirl screaming)

Apparently Liam talked to Capital FM about Zayn (x) and The Sun wrote an article about it (x). So did Daily Mail (x). (or, like, they wrote about Perrie basically... it was stupid)
Billboard wrote about what Liam actually said (x). Daily Mail wrote an article i kind of actually liked (x) (like it was still daily mail but)
Coca Cola Mexico aired a trailer thingy for an interview and performance of clouds that would air on the 21st (x,x,x). Billboard wrote an article about BBMAs with some interesting 1D mentions (x).
Louis followed Gigi Hadid (x). (fyi: She is Erin Foster's step sister and was probably also at TayTay's BBMA party)

Project No Control
Louis retweeted and commented on a billboard employees tweet (x,x,). This is what he was talking about btw (x). By adding a separate category for no control, it kind of made our votes in the 'other' category not count, but it didnt really matter (x).
Julian tweeted about it too (x).
MTV wrote an article about it (x).

Harry got frozen yogurt in LA at Go Greek Yogurt and fans took pics (x,x,)...he was wearing one pair of sunglasses on his head and one pair around his neck haha (x).
He was also papped (x,x,x,x,)

MTV wrote about a face morph of H&L and their tweet about it was...true (x). More outlets picked up that story for some reason.
The coca cola interview aired (x). probably filmed on the day Zayn left tour in march. A video for Red Nose Day aired too (x).

Julian Bulian had a twitter exchange (x,x).... It was fun (x,x,x,x)

Maximum pop wrote about it (x). So did J-14 (x).
Billboard wrote about interview at the BBMAs (x). They also wrote about No Control slaying everything and everyone (x).

Project No Control
Billboard tweeted about No Control being ahead 'by a landslide' in the "Song of the summer"-poll (x). Maximum pop wrote an article about it (x). No Control made the official "Twitter Top Tracks" chart on Billboard (x).

Harry showed up in the teen girl department of Topshop in Selfridges in London suddenly (x,x,x,x,x). He was with Jeff. No one noticed him leaving LA or arriving in London haha.
He was also at Shoreditch with Jeff (x,x). He met up with Gemma and friends and for some reason, they pretended celebrating Glenne's birthday (x,x).

Pap pics came out of Louis leaving Justin Biebers old house in LA with Calvin and Stan, which was funny (x,x).
Fans met him..somewhere in LA (x,x,x,). Maybe LAX, maybe Van Nuys.
Louis wished someone happy birthday on twitter (x). 'Harry' tweeted a (stalker) fan (x). He also liked some photos on IG (x,x). (so did niall btw (x)). Brooklyn Beckham started following Louis on IG (x).
I don't know wtf Dan Wootton was doing (x). The Mirror picked up the story (x). So did Washington Post (x) and a lot of other media did too (x).

((Boy George is totally a secret L&H supporter (x))
Louis' family went to France (x).
Billboard wrote a pretty pointless article quoting stuff from the coca cola interview (x).

Fans met Harry in London (x,x,x,x,x)
A picture of Louis, Calvin and Luke showed up (x).

Daily Mail wrote about Louis leaving The Biebs' house (x).or, it was really more about zaughty boy vs. louis and clubbing, but.
The Sun interviewed Caroline Flack and wrote a sort-of backtracking Haroline article (x)

Jeff (Azoff) started following Grimmy on IG (x). (which could be relevant because H and Jeff were in London)

Both MIA.(maybe Louis was in NYC - Splash had exclusives published on the 26th of Louis, which were allegedly from this day (x))
UAs said Louis was lost. It was loads of fun (x). They said NYC or London. Or somewhere else in Europe lmao (x). It was all quite a mess (x)... But a fun mess where said UA tried to explain themselves instead of just saying they had the wrong info (x)

Harry liked Jonny's (harvey's) photo on IG (x). He also followed a very silly account (x)
#DearLouis trended ww.(x).

Harry met fans in Holmes Chapel (with Jeff and Glenne)  (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x).

Louis faved a tweet about NYC which was hilarious because a certain UA just said he was in London (x). He also followed a fan (x). Somebody hacked the fan and deleted the follow though because people are horrible.
Harry posted in color on IG again (and linked it on twitter) (x). (btw (x)).
'vibey' trended for a while on twitter. For some reason #AlwaysInMyHeartLarry was trending ww too.

Jaye Azoff started following Robin on IG (x). Louis tweeted about footie (x).
Inquisitr wrote the most hilarious article i have ever seen  about how The biebs and Louis is a thing (x). Lustin is real guys.
Haroline was discussed by Daily Mail because Caroline needed promo (x)
An anon made people aware of this weird thing (x,x) (the fandom had noticed the fun coincidence with irving+boyband tv series before when variety wrote about it (x)...without mentioning sexual tension and one direction.
Someone did some digging and a connection between GMR (Global Music Rights)(and irving azoff) and 1D (x,x,x,x,).

Harry looked adorable in Cheshire (x,x,x). A fan posted a pic of Louis leaving NYC (x).
Niall, Louis, Liam and Wiz Khalifa was in the print issue of People (x).
#AlwaysInMyHeartLarry was still trending ww. Pictures of Louis (with Stan and Calvin) at Club Output in NYC was published by splash (they were from the 24th according to them) (x,x,x,x,).
An ET Online Interview from the BBMAs was published (x,x)
Louis posted a picture from NYC (x). So did Calvin (x).
Hollywood life wrote about Lustin Bieblinson which is still very real (x)

UAs said Louis was in east europe (x) and west europe (x) which turned out to really be Barcelona (x
,x,x,x,). All the pics were posted on the 28th.
Metro wrote about Natalie Imbruglia who definitely didn't date Harry (x). (i didn't know it was a rumor but oh well)

Harry posted a photo of Stevie Nicks on IG... in black and white (x). Anne posted the cutest photo i have ever seen (x). (apparently the sweater is Sam Teasdale's (x))
There was a fleetwood mac concert in London which Gemma and Harry went to (x,x,x,x). Gemma posted a picture from the concert on IG (x)
Louis liked a photo on IG (x).
The Official BBMA account on twitter did a wonderful thing and posted a photo from backstage at the awards of louis, harry and dan (x). (h was probably smiling his adorable smile at Jay (x))

Billboard wrote about "Harry Styles' placenta facial" (x)
Johannah wrote the cutest thing on fb (x)

Louis tweeted about Barcelona, but was MIA (x).
Some very cute Coca Cola outtakes was published (x)

Grimmy posted a photo of him and Harry and Pixie Geldof (x).
Harry started following the editor in chief at Love Magazine on IG (x). He also liked Ed's photo (x).
Nizam uploaded a photo of 'lads' in barcelona on his IG (x). It was uploaded from London (x).

Harry met people in Holmes Chapel (x,x,)
Gemma posted a photo of her, Jeff and Glenne on IG (x). Harry followed Paige Reifler on IG (x). He also followed another account right after (x).
Louis posted a photo from a festival in Barcelona on IG (x). Des posted a photo of Harry and him on IG (x).

I discovered a awesome video of filipino fans singing no control and it deserves to be in this timeline/recap thingy just because (x).

People met met Harry n Cheshire (x,x).

Louis showed up in London (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x). Jay was there (x). There was a lot of fans (+lsc)(x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x)
Gemma posted a photo on Tumblr suggesting she might have had lunch with H (x).
A uncropped version of a photo that had been floating around for months (since dec. 23rd 14') appeared (x,x,x,x,)
Chloe Burchamposted a photo of harry+ baby on IG (x) and Harry liked it (x).
Louis responded to Michal Clifford on twitter (x) (while he was takng pictures with fans)
He also RT'ed another tweet later (x).

VC post wrote a fun article (x).
A fun picture of oli from LA showed up (x).


Louis and Niall (and Luke) were at the BGT finals (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,). They met 5H (x). And dogs (x).
Then they went clubbing with 5H afterwards at Libertine in London (x)(x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x)(x,x,x,x)

Maximum Pop tweeted a beautiful tweet (x)
@ OneDirection tweeted about No Control (x).

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