Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March Madness Timeline/ Recap

Location/ interaction-stuff in blue, Social media stuff in red and media/articles/tabloid/whatevs in green.


Both in Tokyo, OTRA show.
Before the show Harry was in Tokyo, "strolling around"(a few fan pictures).
Louis in Tokyo, MIA (but rumored to be out clubbing after the show at the same place as Jan. 28th. No pics.). Still rumored to be staying at the same hotel.

Neither L nor H tweeted.
(drama with phoebe and daisy's twitter accounts and jay saying they were fake)

Yahoo Celeb UK posted this article about Harry's video message for a fan with cancer.
A french paper wrote about Eleanor being in LA and Louis maybe joining her there. (i know most people don't read french, i'm just including the article because the narrative it portrays is important.)
The larries are wondering what L and H are up for for the break. Eleanor is in LA, very publicly and larries are speculating (since she is nowhere to be found normally when Louis isn't around).  

Both in Tokyo, Last OTRA show there, then a break until the 11th where they have a show in Singapore.
Harry was in Tokyo, Harajaku shopping during the day, where he got mobbed.
Louis in Tokio, posing with people and Zayn at some point during the day.

Both still rumored to be staying at the same hotel with the rest of the boys. Louis rumored to be at club V2 wih Zayn ( no pics).
Harry tweeted that he loves Japan and that the shows at Saitama Stadium had been great. He thanked the fans (all of this in japanese).
Louis tweeted that he was "
Really excited to be playing in @Coppinger26 legend game on the 19th April. ".
In the evening Johannah tweeted that louis would be arriving home on the 3rd.

Sugarscape wrote an article about Harry's evergoing renovation of his London "home". Apparently the "insider" says he will have paintings of Cara and Kate Moss there..

Harry MIA during first hours of the day, then in London (fan pic and HQ's of H (and his majestic hair) leaving the airport).
Louis MIA during he first hours of the day, then arrived at Heathrow airport (where he was angry with some annoying paps).
No one knows who flew together (update accounts fighting).
Lottie was mad that Jay didn't miss/ mention her in her tweet. Asides from Lottie, Josh, Sandy and Lou all tweeted about being back in the UK.

Random, but relevant media: Cara Delevingne, whom was "dating" (working as a beard for) Harry previously, is apparently now dating the second woman after they "broke up"...There's more than one article about this.
This article is about Louis being influential in Doncaster.
Sugarscape  posted an article about Mr.X making a single about Larry, which... wtf?
They also wrote about some weird japanese photoshoot the boys did. They look so confused.

Louis MIA (but in London probably (or preston, if this headcanon has got any truth to it). Harry in Preston.

Louis retweeted about auditions for BeInTheBand in London in the boys' break-week...Then he changed his icon an officially stopped being an egg.
Eleanor like this photo on instagram...

This article was posted on Sugarscape and features McBusted talking about touring (and showering) with 1D in Australia.


Louis MIA.
Harry in Manchester/ cheshire. For some rude reason, Harry was papped leaving some place in cheshire with his mum.

Anne posted this photo on IG. Harry liked this one and tweeted Zane Lowe good luck.
John Urbano (instructer of the one thing video) put this picture of him and Louis on IG.

This article speculating about Harry's sexuality and him "dating" Nadine was published by Youth Health mag.
This aricle talking about "larry stylinson" and mentioning Eleanor as "louis' former girlfriend" is kind of lame because they've pretty much got half of their facts wrong, but it's interesting anyways.

Harry MIA. (these pics are allegedly from San Marco, which is apparently an italian restaurant in London... he was rumored to be in preston/ cheshire earlier in the day and then london at night)
Louis MIA, most likely Doncaster.
Harry liked some pics on IG. (Henry Hudson is the explorer which amongst other things, the hudson river is named after). Jay tweeted this.

Harry in London.
Louis in London at the Be In the Bad Auditions.

 Johannah retweeted a tweet abour BeInTheBand Auditions in London during the boys' break-week. It was the same tweet that Louis retweeted on the 4th. Louis tweeted "gonna be a good day :)".

Harry in London at the HeForShe event. Some weird stuff was floating around on twitter and tumblr about that and Louis and i don't even know (burrito pick-up gate 2K15). Apparently fans were waiting at the Facebook London Office for Harry to come out of the HeForShe Event, but only saw his driver drive past them without Harry and then ten minutes later saw Louis in the same street drive by in a car into a carpark= reasonable explanation would be that Louis picked Harry up. UAs even tweeted straight out "louis reportedly picked harry up from the heforshe event".
Louis was for sure in London earlier in the day at the Be In The Band auditions. (pics with fans and kinda-creepy person 1 and 2(as in london stalker crew). Somebody also filmed him giving this message to a fan.
Louis was out clubbing at night while Harry dissappeared. It was apparently at chinawhite, a kind of typical celeb club.

Louis tweeted this. (wtf is up with all these football players named harry anyway)
Then he later tweeted this.

Eleanor uploaded a photo of herself and her friend on IG, turning "locations" on AGAIN, showing that she was in West Hollywood.
A photo of Harry, Anne and Robin at Jay's wedding leaked. (i have no idea who/ where the source is, sorry).
Hary liked these photos on IG. Then he liked these ones.

Daisy (@tommodaisy, as in, the shady af profile that is only shady af because jay said it was fake and it isn't) tweeted this. The tweet she is referring to is this.
The only media coverage of Louis and Harry i could find from this day was articles speaking about Louis being a judge on Be In The Band, Lilo being placed on that list of influential people in the music industry and Harry being with his mom. Oh, and Louis playing a football match in April

This article talks about "allegedly bi" Harry and Nadine dating.

Harry in London (With BOOTS). Maybe Louis was in London earlier in the day, and apparently he then went clubbing at night at "Prizm" in Leeds and looked very happy. (it was obvs. promo though, as the club tweeted he would be there)
Harry was MIA at night too.
(apparently some of the band and some of the crew already arrived to singapore, possible during this day).

Eleanor posted another photo from LA (her friend meghan tagged her on another photo with locations turned on, showing LA) on IG. Then she posted another one, stating "i don't ever want to leave".

Johannah tweeted this, which kinda = she hasn't been with Louis during the weekend.
Louis retweeted this.Harry tweeted happy birthday to a fan.
The maybe-Phoebe tweeted this, then immediately after she tweeted this, then this, and then said this.
Dan Wootton tweeted this, teasing a celeb break-up exclusive, fueling tons of elounor break-up rumours.
An update account did this.
More articles about 1:Louis clubbing and 2: Louis the businessman, such as this one from Huffington Post. (the reason i'm not linking articles is because there are SO many from the 8th and 9th).

Louis flew from leeds to London in the morning, then went MIA. Harry was completely MIA.
More band and crew arrived to Singapore where fans were waiting. (Gemma was there, yayy)

Harry tweeted this.
Eleanor posted this photo on IG of herself getting a tattoo. She turned locations on AGAIN and is still in LA. Then she posted this, suggesting she was indeed going HOME.
"Louis in Leeds" trended ww on twitter.
Perez tweeted this (i didn't know whether to make this green or red... ya follow?)
Daisy tweeted a picture of Louis' butt which she then deleted... What in the actual fuck.
Phoebe tweeted this, then this, and then this.
An update account did this.
Yahoo wrote about the elounor break-up rumours ("is their relationship, in fact, over?" and "his rumored girlfriend" are just some of the gems in this article...they have been scrolling through tumblr and twitter.). Unreality tv wrote the same story. So did Hollywood Take (they even mention Harry in the same freaking headline (they also call Eleanor "eleanor caldwell" lmao)). This article (however irrelevant) is also talking about Elounor break-up rumours.
 This article was written about louis and football. This one about him being a judge on Be In The Band.

This article is describing how Nadine had allegedly dumped Harry. This also talks about "hadine" ending. So does this one. And  this one. Every paper literally wrote about "hadine" being over, i'm not going to link every article about this, it would take ages.

Harry showed up in Singapore at the Airport.
Then Louis showed up with Niall and Liam about two hours later (still in his Leeds-club clothes, haha). (this was on the 10th, but on the 11th in singapore). He then went shopping before the show.
They went on stage almost an hour late (which might have got somethign to do with Zayn arriving 2 hours before they were supposed to go on...)
Though cameras wasn't allowed in the arena, people still managed to film and take photos (obvs, what did they expect): Harry kicked a bra off stage during the show..Somebody also threw a sparkly, glowy dildo at him. I don't know what to say about that. I don't know what he's doing here, but it's cute. Louis is talking in this one and Harry is doing something weird with his arms in response. Louis is missing here, and Harry has no one to sing you&I to... But Zayn in being funny. Here harry is doing a 90 degree turn to look at Louis while singing "and all his little things". Subtle. According to concert reports Louis was noticably  happier than he normally is. HE WORE FUCKING GLASSES, sorry for cursing.
 Immediately after the show, they were rumored to be flying to thailand already and fans were waiting at the airport. This is the  Plane that was first seen arriving to Bangkok. But it only onloaded crew, band, Harry Liam (in the red shirt) and Niall. 
Maybe louis travelled with them: Next report from fans and UAs was this.As soon as they arrived
"Some of the boys" maybe went clubbing (this is when they just arrive by plane from Singapore, so it's sorta like the 11th/12th. )  UAs said it was Zouis. Gemma challenged Lottie in a challenge for Ovarian Cancer awareness.
Eleanors friend max informed us, that she was indeed home in the UK.
Harry retweeted this.
Then he liked this photo on IG.
Another article about the supposed Elounor break.up was posted, mentioning both HArry's "hadine"-breakup and Larry shippers.

next otra show: Rajamangala stadium, Bangkok, Thailand on saturday the 14th.


Harrry MIA, but spotted at a a hotel in bangkok. Louis was also at the hotel in the day. Then Louis was clubbing in bangkok with zayn (they left early in the morning on the 13th). Just adding more words here because there's a lot of pics and links. I am fonding very hard. A DJ at one of the clubs in Bangkok kind of suggested that Harry was there too.. But it's confusing, Zouis might not've been there. but at a club nearby.
Harry tweeted this.
Eleanor was walking her dogs with Max.
Lottie and Gemma (and the band) posed with fans in Bangkok.
Harry followed someone on IG while Zouis was out clubbing. He also liked this photo.
Tumblr-Gemma reblogged this. Lottie and Gemma also had this little
twitter exchange.
More elounor and hadine break-up articles and some about louis possible being an x factor judge. I am too tired to link articles, sorry. The point is, they were there.


(the links in this are a bit of a mess because there's so many. sorry. (also, they had a looong day = many things to write about (also, some of this is technically on the 14th because they were clubbing for hours))
Harry went shopping in Bangkok, then went back to the hotel. Louis was in the hotel pool with Zayn. Which was brilliant. more words bc links. Harry also posed with some Dj guy.
Gemma and Lottie hung out by the hotel pool (with lou and lux).
At night gemma, sophia, lou, some of lous friends, Lottie and all the boys except Niall (who appaz went separetely) went clubbing (ASDFGH, i can't not react to this). It's unclear whether they were at the same place or not, since UA's are kinda arguing/teasing and it's hard to tell from the pictures. Liam, Sophia and Gemma are pictured both with Louis and with Harry, but it's not neccesarily in the same club (..but..if gemma was there, harry probabaly was too.They're creating speculation at least.). this awkward thing happened at one of the clubs  HAHA. The club"Smalls" which Harry (and maybe zouis) was in the day before, posted something on faceboko that suggested that Harry was there again. (some UAs said that zouis threw a pool party no proof though. However.) Other UA's were also sorta sceptical, it seems. (random note: i don't believe this happened. I DO believe that it was a narrative purposefully pushed by UAs in relation to the seeding/CO/elounor break-up narrative...Which. Fine by me. Unless they're making L look like a dick.).
An update account did this.Another UA did this. A third one did this.
The advertisement for the new 1D fragrance came out an the picture is (photoshopped, but) CUTE.
There were more elounor and hadine break-up articles. This is a shit article, but the headline is great.

In the day there was appaz a Toyota press conference, which all the boys attended, but no one knew at the time.

OTRA show in Bangkok. Louis looked happy, which was nice. There was a lot of pics of Louis, couldn't find as many of harry, but there were of course some. Amongst others, this one, haha. There's a lot of links and there was a working audio livestream.
This picture showed up on the big screen before the concert. (it's from the Toyota commercial and shot the same day as the OT5 selfie from Niall, judging from their clothing (random: this could also mean that the rumor that they filmed a music video that day is false, because it was based on Niall's "shoots and stuff" tweet, which now appears to refer to the Toyota commercial.). Zouis might've gone clubbing again.
Gemma and Lottie hung out with Lou and Lux at the pool earlier in the day.

Johannah liked Annes picture on IG.
Eleanors friend tagged her in a post about something happening in a month.Meghan retweeted the tweet. The timing is peculiar because that's in the middle of 1Ds next break and Louis football match is in that break.
Harry tweeted a thank you to the fans for the concert in Bangkok.

I don't know when this article came out, but people suddenly noticed it. It is GREAT.
Rolling Stone included FOUR on their "best pop albums of 2014"-list.

Basically, Harry was MIA for the entire day and night.This picture was taken of him, allegedly in Phuket, but not much detail. (EDIT: this is the source, same club as he (and probably zouis) was in on the 12th - the picture is probably from either the 12th or 13th). (the anti-UAs are syaing that 4/5 are in Phuket, harry is lost..)
Zouis apparently went to phuket, then went to a club and walked around. Liam was apparently there too with Sophia. Maybe some of the others were there too. Maybe, not sure. Niall faved an update accounts version of events (he did this on the 16th, but the tweets were about the 15th), which suggests than Niall and Liam flew together followed by Zouis and then Harry.

Harry tweeted happy birthday to a fan. He also tweeted another fan good luck. However.
He also did stuff on IG.
Safaa had this reaction to Zouis' clubbing.
Eleanor posted a picture with her mum on IG and her geo-tag was turned on again, showing her being near Louis house.
Johannah tweeted somebody who studies rainbows and promised to look for Louis baby pics!!
(random: this tweet might've passed AIMH. Which is fine by me, great message.)

This article came out and it is... interesting. Not because they necesarrily actually said any of the things in print, but.
The story was picked up by other media too.
This lovely article was published on Yahoo. Written by Stephanie of course, it mentions Louis' accomplishments in a lot of aspects that aren't recognized and the article even mentions that Louis deserves more appreciation from their team. It also mentions his questionable (no) involvement with his own twitter account. Thanks.


5/5 in Phuket according to some update accounts and Niall...

No surprise, Louis was out again in Phuket.  Along with friends apparently. Theres a  video from inside a car, which cal posted.
 Lottie posted a picture in IG with Gemma. They seem to be out together.
Anne posted a photo of... Kevin.
Harry liked a baby seal on IG.And one of gemmas photos.
this article was published.
The ziam-kiss/ "to be honest, i'd nog all the boys,"-interview, was picked up by other media outlets - in this particular article, Louis is entioned as Harrys "rumored lover".

Harry MIA. (except this is allegedly photos of him on the 17th... from Bangkok? )
Louis still in Phuket with Zayn, Sophia and Liam. He went to the beach with Liam.
Gemma and Lottie hung out with Lou in Hongkong. (some of the crew and band also tweeted that they were there and fans met Josh at a hotle in Hongkong - no word on where any of the other boys are).
Louis was out... again.

Gemma posted this photo of her and Lottie on IG. They also both posted pics of Lux on IG.
Harry tweeted about sct. patricks day. So did Louis.

More (more = like A LOT more) media outlets picked up the article that mentioned the Ziam kiss and Louis wanting to snog all the boys (i''m linking to the english translations of some of them instead of the original article)- a lot of them included a mention of Larry. Yahoos' is funny because they mention how they have been "preoccupied with the larry malarkey". Also, their response to harry's reponse is "WHY CAN'T YOU ANSWER IT LOVE ?  WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE?*larry gif*". Some of the other  headlines are also kinda suggestive.
There was also this article about Elounor break up AND larry.

Louis seen in Bangkok Airport, after he went to burger king early in the morning...(after he drew on Olis ..)
Harry seen in Bangkok airport. While he obviously was  present at the airport, sometime around the same time as all the other boys were there, certain update accounts claimed he was never in Phuket and actually in Bangkok the whole time while the rest of the boys were in  Phuket. Apparently he was meditating.. UAs went on to say that OT4 flew seperately from Harry. .
People were waiting at the crews' hotel.
OTRA show in Hong
Kong at night.(update: Last show as OT5. Crying while typing his. Fuck modest!.)
 Apparently, Harry wore his golden boots  again... and also a rose in his hair, apparently. THEY TALKED ABOUT SPIN THE HARRY!!! (and then it trended ww) more words bc links and stuff. and more stuff.... This is not yet provable, but cute rumor anyways. This girl had a "im here for jeff azoff"-sign, HAHA.
1dHQ posted this photo.
Gemma, Lou, Lottie and Lux were watching the opening act next to the catwalk. Then Gemma and Lottie went out together again, and Lottie posted this very cute picture on IG.
Harry tweetet about hong kong. Johannah posted a photo of doris wearing tinitiny little vans that Louis bought her.

Inquistr wrote about how larry is so not real, but yet they write about it bc Elounor break-up... well.
... This day was sorta dry on H&L articles, because it was zerrie break-up day. As in zayn held a girls hand while walking home from clubbing, the girl posted a photo of them together on her IG, perrie liked a picture of a 'selfie-stick' with a gun on it instead of a camera that had a caption like "a selfiestick i'd like to give you" sorta thing = start of PR break up stunt.
Alex Rees wrote this article about Louis' kissing-comments.

This day was horrible. I might not have included half of what happened. I was distracted by Zayn leaving and the fandom being a mess.
except Zayn did a photoshoot.
Gemma an Lottie hung out again at the hotel in Hong Kong.
It seems as though Harry and some of the crew met a fan at the hotel. Other fans met Harry too. Everyone is pretty much speaking about Zayn to be honest.

Rumors that Gemma are leaving tour again.
Matt Irwin posted this photo of harry in Hong Kong (or husband home..) in his IG. Lottie liked the photo. Eleanor posted this photo on IG with max. Max posted this photo of eleanor.
Fans were already waiting for the band in Naia airport, Philippines.

Harry and Louis both MIA.
This day was almost as crazy as the 19th. Again, probably not the best recap, everyone was talking about Zayn.

Eleanor deleted the dog-walking picture on IG. (this might be why)
Harry tweeted about looking forward to the first show in Manila.
Lotties friend did this.

This article was written about the "stylinson-sisters".
This article about the zayn drama has interesting phrasing...

The boys (4/5) all arrived in Manila. They most likely all flew together, but there aren't really any pics. (however, the only UA saying they didnt all fly together, is radio1D. so.)

OTRA show in Manila, Philippines. L and H both looked very cute.Harry sounded very emotional when he thanked the fans.'
..not much else to say about the concert i think.It rained.  Zayn obviously wasn't there, which was weird. They sang happy birthday to a crew member and H&L took a bathroom break together again.
Apparently Gemma, Lux, Lou and Sophia (probably also lottie) went ice skating.
Maybe the boys  had a pool party.

Harry liked another baby photo on IG.
Apparently, an Italian radio host said  H&L kissed in public and therefore confirmed larry.



Flights were weird, because apparently 1 plane landed in Bangkok and 1 in Jakarta.. or. maybe not. No one knows.

Harry in Jakarta, but MIA. Louis MIA (UAs still don't agree on where he is. no pics).
Harry tweeted this. Liam did some things  that got me pretty confused, haha.

Eleanor was papped for he third time in three days (this time featuring bruce, max and cigarettes)
I thought it was funny that sugarscape and yahoo picked up the theory that the pool-girl was in fact th WMYB-girl.
Billboard (???) wrote about the elounor break up and zayn leaving .
Tour rider was leaked; the boys only need 4 dressing rooms. Then there was this headline.

Harry (in jarkata) and Louis both MIA.
the badn got mobbed.. which... wow.

Harry liked a picture of a cute kid on IG.Dan (deakin) deactivated his twitter. Johannah tweeted "Surprise! Not really!".

This article was published in people about Harry kissing James Corden. There was a strange amount of Elounor break up articles. Like... STRANGE. Lol- article from yahoo. The daily mail was very interested in telling people that the pool-girl was random and not somebody Louis actually knew (the WMYB girl)... Actually, a spokesperson said "it's categorically not her", so that's that.There was also this headline. The sun wrote about spiritual harry. Billboard seemes to have taken a new found interest in 1D...Asides form writing about zayns leave and elounor BU on the 22nd and 23rd, they wrote about LIam vs. Justin and the tour riders 4 rooms. They also wrote about Zayn leaving and how 1D has been forced to work constantly for five years in an effort to capitalize on the brand while possible.then they wrote about the love life of 1D. Then they wrote about them again, mentioning Larry. Seriously, they DID NOT STOP posting articles.
Hollywood life had this interesting story ("brothers" tho, lol.. thats gotta be awkward when they come out)
MTV had their own weird theory on why the boys only have 4 rooms (the headline is great though).
Entertain this wrote about 1Ds relationship with James Corden.
The Sun had an interesting qoute from a former JLS member. The Louis BU article on People was in the top 5 .

Unrelated to H&L: Maybe Zayn is confirmed to return on the 28th.


Louis allegedly arrived in Jakarta from Bangkok (MIA through).
OTRA show in Jakarta. Apparently the band covered superstition during the intro...Harry thanked the fans for supporting them "no matter what". He also said stuff. Louis was cute. This was louis after the concert. Harry and Louis interacted during the concert.

Harry liked a photo on IG. Lottie tagged gemma in a photo. Gemma commented.

There was more focus on the tour rider and the four rooms in various news/ gossip outlets (they are in general not getting that "4 band members" is referring to the actual musical band, but oh well).
This headline is whoa, and it's weird that they're writing about 1D. VCpost has apparently been writing quite  a bit about 1D this year, despite the fact that they
This article is weird. This aritcle is about meleanor. This article and its headline and its tags. hah.
This article is about Larry.

Little Mix were of course finally revealing the name of their new single...
Capital FM wrote about the tour rider. Sugarscape wrote about the "female human" from the pool.

THEN ZAYN  LEFT. WHAT  and they announced it  RIGHT AFTER the show in jakarta via Simon jones and onedirections twitter and on facebook. Billboard wrote an article about it lierally 5 minutes later. Josh completely ignored it happened and just tweeted this after the did helene...then. Apparently sandy wasnt aware of the announcement ?. I am devastated writing this, so im sorry if it doesnt make much sense. Zayns aunt said this about it. Ruth said this. Nicola said this. Savan tweeted his support too.

Wall street journal wrote about it. So did billboard. Every single media outlet did. Those are just two fo the good ones.
He was papped in London before the news spread...


Another shit. day. I don't even want to write this recap.This entire fucking month sucks. 
Zayn was papped arrived at a studio.
The boys (or maybe only niall, liam and harry.) arrived in Johannesburg, south africa. No one really paid attention to anything they did tbh, but no one saw louis arrive. Harry had two zayn-tribute ponytails again

Harry and Liam tweeted about nothing really, but in relation to Zayn. Louis tweeted thanks for the support. Then  Niall tweeted. Nick Grimshaw posted this on IG (a lot of people showed support, i'm just including this because it's cute). Eleanor was with max again (i'm only including it bc i find it funny and also because BRUCE).
BBC wrote about they boys being severely overworked. The guardian wrote about zayn... i think the headline is sorta horrible, but his point is correct. Zayn was both a strong vocalist and an important member of the band because of his personality and cultural background.

and Uhm... some news sites picked up the story about the fans trying to buy 1D away from modest! (cute, but wtf are they thinking...anyways,exposes modest! in the media, so its fine by me)
Perrie was  being blamed for Zayns leaving i died of disgust.


Harry (niall and liam) in Johannesburg. Louis also arrived in Johannesburg, alone.
Eleanor was with max... ha. again, only includingbecause lolz.
Anne posted this photo on IG... Louis tweeted about a football dude named Harry again.

Zayns The Sun exclusive came out. It was strange. Here's a transcript of the audio version of the interview. It's marked where the audio is cut.  People wrote about him too... it was actually pretty horrible, but interesting because the People article came out right before the exclusive in The Sun. The media went with the solo-narrative and ran for the rest of the day, basically.
This article from vanity fair also talks about Zayn, but is relevant to H&L because... well: "

Seek warmth in the knowledge that Harry is probably comforting Louis right now, in the way only a lover can comfort" and more.
This article calls Larry "clearly ridiculous" but is about Johannahs "surprise! not really!"-tweet in relation to the Elounor break up.

First OTRA show (in johannesburg) after the announcements of Zayn leaving. The stadium has a capacity of  94K people and it was SOLD OUT !! RBB RETURNED (after being missing since before singapore) Apparently there were no intro video for the show people went crazy during louis' solo in clouds, haha. Generally, the crowd seemed very loud and Louis-focused. Links are a mess, sorry..Apparently Harry wore the SA flag as a dress hahaha. (x,x,x,x) "KEEP YOU CLOTHES ON. Unless it's you Liam, because you are per-fect"
Niall was confused about the stadium, haha (it was in 2010. And then '2010 niall' trended ww).
Anne was maybe throwing shade at simon coweel/ syco, haha.
Louis changed his IG profile pic from the one with el to one of him. He also posted a photo for the first time in 31 weeks. He also changed his display name from louist91 to Louis Tomlinson. He also followed people.It was nice. Louis tweted that he was looking forward to the show in johannesburg.
Harry tweeted after the show ended.
"Louis Tomlinson" trended on twitter in Johannesburg.

The pool girls identity was maybe discovered hahahaha.
The Sun wrote that Zayn had indeed signed a solo contract with Syco. The sun also wrote a outright hilarious article about some swedish girl who said she slept with Zayn.
The guys won favourite music group at KCA.

Both MIA during the day (but in Johannesburg)
OTRA show in Johannesburg. Harry apparently sang "all his little things" AGAIN. They also asked people to throw things on stage for 10 seconds and then this happened HAHAHA.Harry wore wings and Liam called him a vistorias secret model. (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,)

Louis posted a pic on IG again and Niall liked it and followed him. Some of his other friends followed him too. Louis also answered a fan on twitter. He also tweeted a bit (x,x,x). Harry liked som photos on IG and then tweeted thanks for the votes at KCA. LOUIS POSTED  PHOTO ON IG OF HIM AND NIALL AND I DIED FROM CUTE. LIam said thanks to the fans after the concert. So did Louis. Then he followed people including two VS angel-models... One of them being an outspoken LGBTQIA supporter who's raised by a gay couple.
Billboard wrote an article about the concert on the 28th in joburg.

Both in Cape town ( no one really knows who flew with who and when...and they were MIA...there were no pics).
Some girl at a bakery said she saw H&L having breakfast there....she never backed off on her claim, but also didn't have any pics, so.

Louis followed Ed Sheeran on IG. He also followed an account called ROOMPORN, HAHA.
HE ALSO SLAYED NAUGHTY BOY WOWOW. Then he tried to change the topic. Then Naughty Boy replied, completely swerving. The he was a shady fuck as always. Also, the account that tweeted the zaughty/ naughty boy saved my life video that naughty boy rt'ed and Louis commented on, has only got 1 tweet..

The boys received a multiple platinum award from sony because their albums went platinum 20 times.

The Independant wrote about 1D staying together as OT4.
People wrote about the twitter feud (before the twitter feud even ended.)
Naughty boy fucking dropped a demo with Zayn like immediately after the twitter feud and i lolled for several hours. And then i didn't, because what a fucking mess.

Billboard wrote about it.

Both MIA (maybe) in Cape Town (apparently this is harry in Cape Town earlier in the day.)

NB gained a lot of new followers........ Then he removed i wont mind from soundcloud....
The mirror wrote about it. So did BBC. Billboard wrote about Louis vs. NB.
The Mirror and Daily Mail Wrote about Louis turning down a role in a movie.

Cambio wrote about harry wearing wings and asking the fans to throw things. They also wrote about Louis and Naughty Boys twitter feud.

March resources:
-The Elounor Break-up Articles that i didn't include in the timeline bc i was tired and there was a lot.
-The groupie pool-party that never actually existed.
-Tellmethisisnotlove's list of "not that important 2.0"/ "ziam-kiss"-articles. (and syndicated or not? )
-This list, also covering the ziam-kiss articles.
-This list of articles (seeding related)
- List of syndicated vs. not syndicated articles
-List of suggestive headlines


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